Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amen brother

The best and worst thing that can ever happen to something you like is for it to become marketable. I say this as a former-NASCAR fan and a current gamer.

This comic spells it out nicely.


Couple caught having sex in dumpster.

I wish i could say this was an odd story to hear, but i heard about this kind of thing happening before when i was in Basic Training.

granted.... key word here is "heard". I also heard they were putting stuff in the food so we wouldn't get erections.

Monday, April 20, 2009

fantasy update apr 20

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state of NASCAR

I sent Roger, the man who lived and breathed Earnhardt and who was the one who got me into NASCAR, an article on how the #8 car is gone.

His reply: NASCAR is finished. Period.

He says he hasn't even watched since Daytona. He's not even sure if he'll watch Dega. OK, to me that just says that NASCAR has hit a low from which it probably won't recover. When your core old-school fans say stuff like that, you fucked up.

NASCAR, if you're reading this.... swallow your pride and find some way for Dale JR to "mysteriously" start having a banner year and win a championship. Cuz that's the only thing that'll save the sport. You might have trouble looking yourself in the mirror for a while, but i'm telling you another Championship by Jimmie Johnson or if Kyle Busch gets one before Jr..... bye bye.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

fantasy update apr 13

Ok here's the league standings. no big updates. apparently Robbie gave me a gift by not picking up Cabrera. he knows baseball i don't so i'll just thank him and move on.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

For Baizbol

I'm going to start giving updates on my fantasy baseball league.

Yes, i'm so addicted to fantasy sports i play one on a sport i don't even like. i get these daily emails telling me my team stats and the league updates. FUnny thing is, i don't even know most of the stats and what they mean. So basically, if i win this league, guys like Robbie who love and follow the sport have every right be pissed. Robbie has my permission to spit on the money before he hands it to me.

Anyways, here is the current standings 2 days into the season.

My team is the Baghdad Bombers.

Memphis Mudbugs 113.5 -8.0
Boats and Hoes 107.5 -6.0
Denton B Nasty 107.0 -3.0
N'Djamena Hanging Chads 100.0 51.0
Baghdad Bombers 83.5 13.0
SPURS SUCK 83.5 0.5
Wound Splitter 81.0 -10.5
Arlington A-Holes 76.5 -2.0
Team Edison 75.5 5.0
Ninja Turtles 73.0 7.5
Team ShakeN'Bake 68.5 0.0
Team Adams 68.0 3.0
Macho Men 58.5 -23.0
Tom Emanski All-Stars 52.0 -38.0
Cowtown Crushers 52.0 10.5

selling his soul

It isn't often that you get to actively watch someone sell their soul, but i think that's what we're all getting a front-row seat for in the case of Seth McFarland. Family has basically decided to follow the Simpsons and go from insanely hilarious to funny, but with a LOT of Liberal preaching. Mark my words, it won't be long till it turns not even funny but still preachy. I dunno if Seth just figured if Matt can sell his soul and get 20 years out of his show maybe it'll work for him.

So pretty soon we'll be watching the single-digit seasons and saying "remember when Family Guy was funny?"

Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's worse than you think

I told you the bill on cybersecurity was nothing but trouble.

now we have some details....

The bill would also impose mandates for designated private networks and systems, including standardized security software, testing, licensing and certification of cyber-security professionals.

so, a company no longer gets to determine what security works for them and is most cost-effective to their budget needs. nope. the government in their infinite wisdom will tell private companies what is the "best" security. anyone wanna place some bets on if it's really going to be the best or if it'll just be the lowest bidder? As someone who both worked in the IT business for the government AND did purchasing for the government i'm here to tell you that if we let the government figure out the best security to use..... we're fucked.

The legislation also calls for a public-private clearinghouse for cyber-threats and vulnerability information under Department of Commerce authority. The Secretary of Commerce would have the authority to access "all relevant data concerning such networks without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access."

if this was suggested during the Bush administration, the cries of "fascism" would be dwarfed only by the blood shooting out of the eyes of liberal bloggers.

Hope and Change.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Maybe i'm panicked because i'm in the business so i see the problem a bit more clearly than the average person, and maybe i'm just seeing danger where little to none exists, but either way this idea scares the shit out of me.

Bill proposed to federalize cybersecurity

Here's why it should scare you too.

- you think it's bad that your employer cuts access to certain sites or online things? This means the GOVERNMENT will decide what you can do online.

- anyone who thinks this is a good idea has obviously never worked for the government. They block access to EVERYTHING in the name of "security". Blocking in the name of security is usually like making laws and saying "it's for the children". nobody ever challenges it and you get away with anything you want.

- innovation is gone. social websites like facebook and myspace, blocked. companies wanting to create new online things will have to jump thru insane government hoops to get the "OK" to be cleared for the public to use them.

- as i've said repeatedly when it came to health care..... nothing the government runs works!!!!! The DMV, Airport Security, The Post Office..... it all runs like shit. you wanna hand the reigns of our cyber future to THOSE clowns?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

wasting time

I hate to say it, but the longer i stay here the more convinced i am that we're just all wasting our time. These people just aren't ready to be come a functioning democracy and to climb out of the dark ages.

- society is still stuck about 100 years in the past. girls are getting married off as young 12 years old. there's even people marrying cousins. they're still very tribal around here.

- we gave these guys shiny loud toys and boy do they use them. the iraqi army and cops around here blare their damn sirens for ANYTHING. they drive around at top speed with horns blowing sirens on and lights flashing like a bunch of fucking 10 year old boys. AND THEY'RE ARMED!!!! these nimrods are getting into shootouts with each other over chest-thumping bullshit like traffic right-of-way. i mean seriously, could you imagine what the news would say if 2 police convoys in the US got in a fight over a traffic issue and starting exchanging gunfire in broad daylight in the middle of the street?

- the level of corruption in the government actually makes me look at the politicians in America and go "damn we got some clean cut people running the show back home"

- everyone lies to you. right to your damn face.

- i dunno if it's an Arab thing or what but everyone has this giant freaking sense of self-worth. when they want something they HAVE to have it NOW NOW NOW!!!! they all demand you do something for them and if you don't they pitch a fit like there's no tomorrow. yeah, i know we got those douchebags in the states too, but it seems like it's EVERYONE here.

maybe i just need a vacation or something but frankly i really don't see any reason to think i'm wrong on this.


i had this weird dream last night. the only thing i remember from it was kissing some girl. a really nice long kiss too. but the weird part is that i can't picture her face. for the life of me i can't put a face to the chick.

i very rarely dream and it's even MORE rare that i remember anything from them.