Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spammer caught

One of the top 10 spammers in the world has been arrested.

shoot him. fuck his trial, fuck his due process, fuck his appeals. Drag this cocksucker into a town square, shoot him in his kneecaps, let him crawl around in pain for a while, then put a bullet in his head.

Movie Punches

I like this list.

Top 10 Movie Punches

not just cuz it's a cool list, but cuz it's a list i can agree with.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss Universe

I read the story about Miss USA slipping and falling during the pagent and getting booed by the Mexicans. Some are concerned the whole ordeal might give people a bad impression of Mexicans. Gee, i wonder what would give people a bad impression of such a clean, prosperous country like Mexico?

My only question is, "of all the damn countries how the hell did they choose MEXICO to have this in?"

Microsoft Surface

This is pretty damn cool. Touch screen seems to be the way of the future. I know i can't wait till it's a widespread technology in certain video games. Like real-time strategy games such as Command and Conquer.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

equal god

I caught a news snippit on TV reguarding the issue should people be allowed to swear on a Koran instead of a Bible before taking the stand in court?

this is one of those "it is a big deal, but it SHOULDN'T be" type of issues.

it is a big deal because we're talking about religious freedom one of the issues our country was founded on. the issue by its very nature brings about big crowds. any time the government even remotely looks like they're telling you how to worship it's a huge deal, and for the most part rightly so.

it shouldn't be a big deal simply because christians should just get the hell (pardon the pun) over themselves and accept the fact not everyone chants at the same invisible man in the sky that they do. deal with it. only the most ignorant and self-rightous of bible-beaters would have an objection to someone saying they'd rather swear on another book or none at all.

which begs the question "who gives a damn WHAT you swear on?". i mean, if someone is going to commit perjury on the stand you think they're going to keep from doing it because of a freaking BOOK? you think they're going to say something to themselves like"well, i was going to lie and not spend 10 years getting cornholed in jail, but then again i did swear on a bible. i might upset god or something. i guess i better tell the truth and go to jail." if someone is going to lie in court it won't matter if they swore on the Bible, the Koran, or the operating instructions to their dishwasher.

my life

so here i am at work. booooooring. but i digress. i'm getting paid to be bored so that's not half bad.

actually, my life in general has been on the "blah" level for a while. i suppose it can't always have something going on, but still it, kinda depressing to think about your life and have the word "boring" come to mind. then again, i really have nobody but myself to blame for that.

lemme think of something interesting to write about.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Mac

Came across this.

7 reasons i don't use a mac

i'm with him on #2

2) The culture is just plain irritating and unattractive

i can't stand the holier-than-thou mac people with giant broomsticks up their asses. the way they talk down to the rest of us is irritating as fucking hell.

i could probably turn his list into a full top ten.

#8 - i'm a gamer. there's more games out for your CELL PHONE than there are for the Mac. all you fellow gamers know what i'm talkin bout. holy crap you can play WoW? good for you. it only took you like a year or two.

#9 - those "i'm a Mac i'm a PC" commercials. reality check there Apple, commercials in which you DIRECTLY attack your competition are nothing less than giant signs that say "i'm not #1 and it pisses me off!!! why don't you like me?". you might as well be a 4 year old in a supermarket throwing a tantrum for attention. it's pathetic. if you ever wise up to this fact, tell Miller Beer attacking Budweiser makes them just as pathetic.

#10 - I'm not an artist. these are the only people who have a genuine need for a Mac.

Back for a while

Wow, i haven't posted in so long, Google took over while i was gone.

I'm in a new job with a lot of free time on my hands so i'll be posting a little more regularly i guess.