Monday, August 07, 2006

9/11 conspiracy theorists energized - 9/11 conspiracy theorists energized - Aug 6, 2006

ok, someone explain this one to me. President Bush has a degree from a very prestigious university. His advisors and staff all do too. The people running the pentagon, CIA, and FBI all have degrees from universities. Yet somehow the people who buy into bullshit stories like this always proclaim how "stupid" they all are. I mean, you can't fucking turn around without a "Bush is stupid" joke. It's gotten to where those jokes now SUCK THE FUNNY FROM THE ROOM every time they're told. Horse dead, stop the beating, it no funny no more you fucking nimrods.

And thru all this we're somehow supposed to believe that just because THESE wackos have degrees that somehow adds MORE "truth" to the conspiracy theories? I'm not going to bother and ask if people are really this stupid because I already know the answer is "while not everyone is there's enough that are that it's fucking scary and I weep for this country's future"

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WoW raid


i love this movie. the animation to go with this guy losing his damn mind is hilarious.


I have an actual mission for the people at PETA. Instead of wasting everyone's time here by bothering college about their mascots or trying to get us to boycott KFC, maybe they can go do something about this....

i'll just give you the headline...... "50,000 dogs beaten to death in China".

see, that's how THEY handle rabies problems. none of this, kennel and euthenasia stuff WE do. they grab dogs from owners arms sometimes and beat them to death right in the street, with sticks, in front of the owners sometimes.

well what are you waiting for PETA!?!? Come on Pamela Anderson, swing your massive tits over to China and see what they have to say.