Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hazing shmazing

interesting little story about 3 high school football players under arrest for sexual assault on another player.

first person who tries to defend their actions as "hazing gone out of control" or even brings up "hazing" should be horsewhipped till they pass out. this was attempted gay rape. like the kind that goes on in prison. nothing more. calling it "hazing" doesn't make it true any more than calling a blind person "visually impaired" gives them the ability to see.

and a newsflash to all you frat guys out there. if you ever partook in anything like this. if you shoved anything up your ass, shoved something in another guy's ass, or did anything to another guy in the nude, you're gay. go ahead and tell yourself "it's just initiation rituals" all you like. that kind of shit is queer as a 3 dollar bill.


Thought i'd just throw some links around.

an old internet favorite of mine. cats is cool.

Hilarious Robot Chicken. The GI Joe part is too good.


Friday, September 28, 2007

Dishwasher blues

See this is what i'm talking about.

When are illegals going to learn? We don't treat you like criminals because we hate foreigners or we're afraid of someone coming to pursue the American dream. we treat you like criminals because YOU ARE. i would think the term "illegal alien" was pretty fucking self-explanatory.

For 11 years, Pedro Zapeta, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, lived his version of the American dream in Stuart, Florida: washing dishes and living frugally to bring money back to his home country.

remove "illegal" and we have a genuine good story. Pedro is now someone i applaud and feel good for. Oh but that isn't the case. So much for it being a good story.

Two years ago, Zapeta was ready to return to Guatemala, so he carried a duffel bag filled with $59,000 -- all the cash he had scrimped and saved over the years -- to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

*cue ominous music*

Zapeta, who speaks no English, said he didn't know he was running afoul of U.S. law by failing to declare he was carrying more than $10,000 with him. Anyone entering or leaving the country with more than $10,000 has to fill out a one-page form declaring the money to U.S. customs.

you know what screw the customs law for a second. this guy spent 11 YEARS here and didn't bother learning english? you gotta be fucking kidding me. you wanna play the "national pride" card and say "screw you i'm not learning your language" fine. but do not fucking expect us to cut you any slack when you can't comprende our laws because you can't communicate in OUR language jerkoff.

Officials initially accused Zapeta of being a courier for the drug trade, but they dropped the allegation once he produced pay stubs from restaurants where he had worked.

let's see, hispanic guy who doesn't speak english walking into an airport with 59 Gs in a duffle bag. nope i'm as shocked as you are that any red flags went up. what a bunch of racist bastards.

"They are treating me like a criminal when all I am is a working man," he said.

bad news Pedro. you're BOTH. being a working man does not cancel out the criminal part. sorry.

Zapeta's story became public last year on CNN and in The Palm Beach Post newspaper, prompting well-wishers to give him nearly $10,000 -- money that now sits in a trust.

Robert Gershman, one of Zapeta's attorneys, said federal prosecutors later offered his client a deal: He could take $10,000 of the original cash seized, plus $9,000 in donations as long as he didn't talk publicly and left the country immediately.

Zapeta said, "No." He wanted all his money. He'd earned it, he said.

Now, according to Gershman, the Internal Revenue Service wants access to the donated cash to cover taxes on the donations and on the money Zapeta made as a dishwasher. Zapeta admits he never paid taxes.

ok so now we can throw tax evasion on the list. boy you really don't think ANY of our laws apply to you do you Pedro? See this is what i mean. i can understand and respect to degree, someone fighting for a chance to make their lives better. but this whole "fuck you America i'll come do whatever i please how DARE you get in my way with your LAWS and RULES" attitude has got to fucking go. i hope Pedro gets tossed out on his ass.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Help me out here

Maybe i'm just crazy, but i could have sworn that civil rights....due process....all that stuff. Applied to LEGAL CITIZENS only.

a few wetbacks and their publicity-hungry lawyer disagree

Moron ex soldier

Some jackass is trying to "make a difference"

a soldier is returning his medals in protest. he says he feels the war is a waste to taxpayer money and has accomplished nothing.

oh did i mention this retard

- did just 1 year
- in the army reserve
- spent his time issuing ammo to the REAL soldiers
- never fired a weapon

oh my god, we should all listen to this guy!!! he's got the pulse of the WHOLE WAR figured out totally!!!! he's in a position to tell us how EVERYTHING is really going. i mean, why listen to Generals who run the whole thing when we can take a clue from some supply jockey passing out ammo instead of shooting it?

I'm predicting this guy will be on Bill Mahar's show in a month. He loves the morons. then again, i heard he loves the cock too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Four things

Got this in an email from a friend. I'll just fill it out on here. Like it says over there in the upper right.... GET TO KNOW ME!!!!

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Bowling alley lane attendant
2. Car Dealership Porter
3. QVC phone rep
4. Barnes and Nobels clerk

Four movies I would watch over and over:
1. Dumb and Dumber
2. Spaceballs
3. Matrix Reloaded
4. Clerks

Four places I have lived:
1. Khandahar, Afghanistan
2. Limestone, Maine
3. US Air Force Academy Prep School
4. Vogelweh, Germany

Four TV Shows that I watch:
1. Family Guy
2. Robot Chicken
3. Football
4. Around The Horn

Four places I have been:
1. Port Douglas, Australia
2. Bangkok, Thailand
3. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
4. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Four people who e-mail me:
1. Robbie
2. Josh
3. Yolanda
4. Courtney (after all, she sent this)

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Steak, Rare, covered in A1
2. Pizza
3. Chicken Fried Rice no veggies from PF Changs
4. Burger with Bacon on it

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Pattaya Thailand
2. Collecting a lottery check for $100 million
3. In bed with Suzy Kolber
4. High Rollin on the Vegas Strip

Four people I think will respond:
1. Courtney (she better!!!)
2. Cynthia
3. ?
4. that's it. i think they're the only ones who read this blog anymore

Things I am looking forward to this year:
1. another paycheck
2. Mass Effect for the PC
3. some more PC games
4. hell if i know

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Commercials have gone nuts. It's a hodge-podge of insanity, non-logic, or total BS.

- Burger King hasn't made a normal commercial in years. in fact, i can't remember the last normal commercial they had. there sure as hell hasn't been a normal one since they introduced the bobblehead-looking King. That fucker is creepy. i don't look at that and say, "mmmm.....whoppers...." i think "that bastard comes near me i'm cracking his giant head open and feasting on the goo inside."

- Visa. yes, of course i believe that the touch-and-go cards work THAT fast. look, i'm all for using a card over cash but come ON. this assembly-line horseshit is retarded. i dunno about the rest of you, but i know that for some reason i ALWAYS get stuck in line behind some dumbass who takes 10 minutes to buy a stick of gum. to add to the frustration of it, after i wait 10 minutes in line you know how long it take ME to check out? like 20 seconds. yeah. oh and while we're on the Visa commercials, i laugh out loud when the Saints one comes on. you mean the 0-2 saints? those sucky bunch of sucks that ever sucked a suck? i think we're all tired of New Orleans now. i know i was from the start. Soon as this abortion of a season comes to a close for them and everyone returns to reality and says "oh yeah, nobody ever liked the saints to begin with". then the owner move forward with what he was already trying to do pre-katrina, move the team to a town that isn't a shithole.

- I read that Alicia Silverstone (didn't she used to be a movie star or something?) appears nude in a PETA ad. Those cockjockeys can try all they like to spin this as "we're trying to educate people on the cruelty going on" all they fucking please. It's nothing more than holier-than-thou fucktards telling people how to live their life. plain and simple. same as environmentalist assholes, religions, and pretty much every politician ever.

- oh and i almost forgot. COORS. those guys talking to clips of coaches. NOT FUNNY. not even close. it's sad. Miller? while i enjoy what's his name from Scrubs, this whole "one beer league" thing is just another pathetic commercial in a long string of "please stop drinking budweiser" commercials. i've said it before and i'll say it again: nothing says "we're bitter losers and all we can think of is to take shots at the guy who's #1" like a commercial that directly attacks a competitor. sad. Budweiser just focuses on making funny as hell commercials. maybe the rest of you losers should focus on making better BEER.

- Domino's pizza. the oreo pizza beard thing? creepy. not to mention stupid.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sad News

I'm very sad to report that i just read that Robert Jordan, author of The Wheel of Time series has passed away.

I'll admit i am not caught up on the series, but I'm a big fan of his work. His writing was amazing.

Thought I'd share that I've even met him. He did a book signing in The DC area and i went there with Kristin to get an autographed copy.

A true loss to us all.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sports and stuff

- Ok let's get something straight. Every single team in the NFL has been or is still doing what the Pats did. No exceptions. If you honestly think the Pats are alone in what they did then you are the dumbest bastard on the planet or insanely naive and i have a bridge to sell you. The only difference between them and the other teams? They got caught. Why did they get caught? Because they obviously aren't that good at cheating. Now ask yourself "why would a team not be good at cheating?" maybe because they aren't used to it and haven't needed to? Sounds logical to me. The part I hate is all the crybaby sore losers with sand in their vaginas like the Eagles. "oh yeah, now that we think about it, maybe we lost the Superbowl because of THAT not because we sucked." go fuck yourself Philly.

- I like how my fantasy football season is going so far. Last week I cleaned up. HARD.

- This week promises to be a plethora of releases. Jefe, do you know what a "plethora" is? anyways, the game "World In Conflict" comes out. played the demo and it's pretty cool. Superman:Doomsday is out on DVD. Not really sure about that. and friday the new Resident Evil movie comes out. I liked both the first 2 so i'm game to see this one.

- i leave you with a totally awesome commercial.