Sunday, September 23, 2007


Commercials have gone nuts. It's a hodge-podge of insanity, non-logic, or total BS.

- Burger King hasn't made a normal commercial in years. in fact, i can't remember the last normal commercial they had. there sure as hell hasn't been a normal one since they introduced the bobblehead-looking King. That fucker is creepy. i don't look at that and say, "mmmm.....whoppers...." i think "that bastard comes near me i'm cracking his giant head open and feasting on the goo inside."

- Visa. yes, of course i believe that the touch-and-go cards work THAT fast. look, i'm all for using a card over cash but come ON. this assembly-line horseshit is retarded. i dunno about the rest of you, but i know that for some reason i ALWAYS get stuck in line behind some dumbass who takes 10 minutes to buy a stick of gum. to add to the frustration of it, after i wait 10 minutes in line you know how long it take ME to check out? like 20 seconds. yeah. oh and while we're on the Visa commercials, i laugh out loud when the Saints one comes on. you mean the 0-2 saints? those sucky bunch of sucks that ever sucked a suck? i think we're all tired of New Orleans now. i know i was from the start. Soon as this abortion of a season comes to a close for them and everyone returns to reality and says "oh yeah, nobody ever liked the saints to begin with". then the owner move forward with what he was already trying to do pre-katrina, move the team to a town that isn't a shithole.

- I read that Alicia Silverstone (didn't she used to be a movie star or something?) appears nude in a PETA ad. Those cockjockeys can try all they like to spin this as "we're trying to educate people on the cruelty going on" all they fucking please. It's nothing more than holier-than-thou fucktards telling people how to live their life. plain and simple. same as environmentalist assholes, religions, and pretty much every politician ever.

- oh and i almost forgot. COORS. those guys talking to clips of coaches. NOT FUNNY. not even close. it's sad. Miller? while i enjoy what's his name from Scrubs, this whole "one beer league" thing is just another pathetic commercial in a long string of "please stop drinking budweiser" commercials. i've said it before and i'll say it again: nothing says "we're bitter losers and all we can think of is to take shots at the guy who's #1" like a commercial that directly attacks a competitor. sad. Budweiser just focuses on making funny as hell commercials. maybe the rest of you losers should focus on making better BEER.

- Domino's pizza. the oreo pizza beard thing? creepy. not to mention stupid.

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