Saturday, June 30, 2007


This story is simply sickening.

Here's the original story.

Long story short, a cop tells a guy to get up from a face-down, arms spread position and when the guy does he shoots him.

Here's the video of it.

Of course you would think the cop is going to do time for that right? How could he shoot a guy for complying with the orders he was yelling at him and clearly posed no danger?

Think again.

The jury deliberated less than four hours Thursday before acquitting Webb of illegally shooting Elio Carrion.

California legal system folks.

Personally i hope this cop gets gunned down in the street. He deserves nothing less. He's nothing short of a gangbanger that had his homies watch his back while he got away with some fucked up crimes.

On behalf of the US Air Force, go fuck yourself San Bernardino.

countdown is on

48 hours and i'll be getting in line to go see Transformers. Josh and I scored tickets to the 8PM showing Monday night.

I'm giddy as a schoolgirl. giddy i tells ya.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jimmy Update

Quick update on my situation.

- i have graduated from ITT. with honors even. yay. just so nobody reading this makes the same mistake, don't ever fucking attend ITT. ever. it sucks so fucking much. trust me.

- working part time.

that's about it. i'd like to go back overseas and work, but i'm not sure there's anything over there in the computer field with my limited experience. once i get some certifications and time under my belt i should be able to make a serious go at getting over there.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Money followup

A few posts back i linked to this list showing 22 myths about money. I wanted to list some of them and give my own talk about each. Cuz that's how i roll.

Myth #1: “Money is the root of all evil.”

NO. money is a tool. a means to an end. it's just something we use to get by. its scarcity and difficulty to acquire are what make PEOPLE do evil things. if air and water were hard to come by then we'd be saying that they were the root of evil and all these anti-rich people would be talking about the people with more air and water than them. We'd be listening to how President Bush conspired to attack planet Druidia and steal their air. bottom line: the lack of or the pursuit of money are what causes evil things, not the money.

Myth #2: “If my parents were rich, I would have made it.”

define 'made it'. you mean you'd be a jobless spoiled brat cruising around spending daddy's money and laughing at the poor people? sure having loaded parents puts you in a good position to succeed since you have more options available, but in the end it's up to YOU to get off your ass and 'make' something of yourself. not your parents.

Myth #3: “Rich people are greedy.”

so apparently the only point to becoming rich is to give it all away. if you honestly believe this then lemme clue you into something. you have to want more to get more. greed is not limited to wealthy people. in fact, the less you have the MORE greedy you're probably going to be. i'm sure that rich people like to keep all their nice stuff, but i'm willing to bet they'd care far less about losing stuff than some poor slob who has almost nothing to lose. that poor person will FIGHT to get and keep what little he can. greed is entirely a point of view issue anyways. hey if we wanna get technical, chicks are greedy when it comes to sex right? how dare they hoard the boobies and keep them from the needy.

Myth #4: “Money isn’t important.”

reality check. it is. it may not being the MOST important thing, but it sure as hell is important.

Myth #5: “If only government, my employers, family, or spouse helped me, I would have made loads of money.”

get the fuck off your ass and go earn a living. this is the kind of thinking that puts democrats in charge and promotes a welfare state. you make your own breaks in life pal, nobody ESPECIALLY not the government should have to help you out. help is nice have, but screw you if you think it's required to be successful.

Myth #6: “Money can’t buy happiness and money won’t make you happy.”

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! look at me, i'm making people happy, in a gumdrop house on lollipop laaaane..... money CAN buy happiness and if you have money and are still unhappy then you probably don't deserve it. send it this way and i'll show you just how much happiness i can buy with it. i'll drive buy your house in my happiness with a smoking hot happiness setting next to me and wave to you so you can see all the happy i can buy.

Myth #7: “If I were rich, my friends would resent me.”

then you have pathetic shitty friends. go buy new ones. any REAL friend is only ever happy for his friend's successes in life. i'm proud as hell of Roger and Chris in all they've done with themselves.

Myth #8: “If the economy was better, I’d be wealthy.”

news flash: the economy always has some rich and a lot of not-rich. everyone falling into the latter thinks this is true. some are right only because a different economy might make different businesses and companies better. but then that would mean someone else is not rich and bemoaning their lot in life.

Myth #9: “You need a scam to get rich.”

no, you need to be smart and work hard. dumbass.

Myth #10: “If I really try to become rich and fail, I’ll be crushed.”

good news, if you don't try then you won't be crushed. then again you'll NEVER be rich, but you won't be crushed. if you have tried and failed and want to stop trying then that's cool. i'm behind you and won't hassle you for that. because that's how i handle my love life. tried and failed several times, i'm done trying.

Myth #11: “You need a break to become wealthy.”

this is just too vague. define 'break'

Myth #12: “I’ll save money when I have enough.”

well if you have enough why would you need to save it? saving is about planning and thinking ahead. sacrifice now for gains in the future.

Myth #13: “If I had large sum of money, I would have started saving and investing early.”

the sooner you start, the less you need. it's called interest, look into it.

Myth #14: “Having a good job leads to wealth.”

i guess this depends on what you consider a 'good' job. it's not so much how you make the money as it is how you use it once you have it. there's lots of people out there with good jobs making lots of money that are barely getting by because they're stupid.

Myth #15: “Money corrupts people.”

what a bunch of shit. no it doesn't. money is like alcohol, in greater quantities it brings the truth of a person closer to the surface. there's plenty of evil backstabbing poor bastards out there as there are rich ones, the poor ones just don't have the means to show it and can't effect as many people as a rich one can.

Myth #16: “If I didn’t have family or social responsibilities, I would have made millions.”

so far this is the one that comes the closest to being true. i only say that because i know firsthand the advantages of not having to worry about taking care of anyone but myself.

Myth #17: “It’s better to give than to receive.”

maybe in a Christmas special it is.

Myth #18: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

ok, so we finally found one that IS true. but i don't know i'd count this as a myth.

Myth #19: “Rich people don’t care about the poor.”

how the fuck are they supposed to 'care'?? look, just cuz someone isn't throwing money at charities doesn't mean they don't care. people do for others in their own way. me personally i believe that charity starts at home. i don't give to anything. not to charities, not to telethons, and sure as fucking hell not bums on the street. i help my friends and family. i buy a round of drinks for Josh, pick up a magazine for the parents, stuff like that. frankly i think if more people did THAT instead of pissing away money total strangers we wouldn't need as many charities.

Myth #20: “I have to work very hard to become rich.”

one of my bosses in the air force always used to say "we don't work hard, the army works hard, we work smart." working hard is good and all, but it's by no means the only way to get rich.

Myth #21: “It takes money to make money.”

yeah kinda. how much it takes just depends on how you use it.

Myth #22: “I’m a loser and a failure because I’m in such terrible financial trouble. My situation is hopeless.”

pity party!!! pity party!!!!




this is too good NOT to share.

my dad told us this one. thursday he says that one of his safety reps had something to report to him. one of the airmen was injured.

you ready for this?

he was masturbating and he did it so hard he BROKE his DICK. he got 3 days of convalescent leave.

i swear to you i'm not making this up.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Michelle Malkin has a grand idea for the yahoos in Washington. Before letting a few million broke lawbreakers to stick around just so you can try and get the votes they'll never cast....

Clear the damn backlogs first

What a shocking suggestion!!! How about we take care of the immigrants that are trying to come in LEGALLY. I know it seems like a radical idea.... but hey, what the hell it's worth a shot right?

Adam West

Easily one of the best characters on Family Guy. Comedy gold.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Speak up

I'm sorry movie industry....

you were saying something about Piracy Killing your profits? i didn't hear you over the sound of your 8% expansion of revenue to $42.6 billion.

Movie industry i wish you'd do us a big favor and shut your big YAPPER!!! To quote the late Matt Foley. Now back to my van down by the river.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Video Game Bonding

I can tell you from personal experience that video games have on occation brought me and my father closer. The biggest such example is from the game "Burgertime" back on the old Intellevision system. think back to the 80s...... whoa......

Dad and I used to compete fiercely against each other. We'd post our new high score on the fridge seemingly each night. It was a lot of fun.

Everyone in the media seems hellbent on demonizing video games as addictive family and life destroyers when in fact they can be bonding experiences unlike any other. Some of the best times i can remember are from video game playing with friends/family.

- Roger and I played Halo and pretty much every other xbox game under the sun when we were roommates. We even got Chris in on a season of Madden. Great times.

- Josh and I play Need For Speed and other Xbox 360 games. I couldn't imagine a better time 2 brothers could be having.

- Massive Multiplayer Online Games. Talking World of Warcraft with Evan and Jason is a ton of fun. Not to mention some of the people i've met in-game who are fun people to interact with.

- Back in the day my whole family used to compete in Gameboy Tetris. Nobody could touch my leet skillz but hey, god bless them for trying right?

The point is that when you talk about the addictive nature of gaming you have to remember that it's a vice, no different than any other. Some people get hooked on drugs, some on drinking, some on religion, some on TV...... any of those to the point of where they tune out everyone around them. it's all about how you use those vices and if you are abusing them or letting them run our life in a healthy or UNhealthy manner.

Nifong Resigns

Nifong, AKA The Douchbag who ruined the lives of college guys simply to get reelected is resigning. He says reguardless of the trial outcome.

Translation: PLEASE DON'T DISBAR ME!!!!!

This man should never be allowed to practice law again. Ever. He should be horsewhipped on national TV.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Airport nightmare

Story of a mother and the sippy cup at the airport security.

I have to laugh at stories like this. The more stories i read the harder i laugh. Is airport security out of their fucking minds? Hell yes they are. Is it their fault? Hell no. It's our fault. Why? Because we don't want to look like racists and bigots. This whole security thing could be going a lot easier if we were to put airport security into "common sense" mode instead of the current "fucking panic" mode it's in. We all wonder why they frisk 80 year old white grandmothers when it's clearly a waste of everyone's time. Because if we were frisking only the people who are LIKELY to be bringing shit onboard..... we'd be hearing nonstop about how evil we are for singling out Arabs. Sooner or later we need to just say "fuck their hurt feelings, this is getting out of control."

the reason why

Listen up you privacy jackasses. When the government asks for data i know the initial reaction by most of the morons out there is "oh my god the government is spying on us man!!!!" I hate to break it you, but you really aren't important enough to waste time on.

In case you didn't know, the government does a LOT and it does it with inadequate resources. Always. Every year they have to do even more with even less. When you read about government blowing money, most of the time (not always) it's just someone trying to spend the entire budget they are alloted. You see, in the world of government finance, being thrifty is NOT rewarded, it is punished. You spend 8 bucks instead of the 10 you're given? Nobody says "good job smith, way to save money, here's this year's 10 bucks again." no instead they say "only 8? guess that's all you need, here's the 8 you'll need next year." never mind that you might need 10 next year. so to make sure you have 10 you have to spend 10. even then it's a roll of the fucking dice.

So why in god's name would the government waste precious resources spying on some punk-ass teenage moron who thinks he and his friends are so fucking cool because they talk shit about America. NEWS FLASH: they don't. they ask for the data to find people like this.

Sex offenders arrested

MySpace helped the government and the government used the data to find criminals who prey on children. they didn't use it to find evidence to haul off whatever nimrods worship Green Day or Michael Moore's online love slave robots.


This is the most awesome news I've read in YEARS

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Article headline: Did Apple lie to Mac gamers?

only if they told them they were NOT sad pathetic excuses for gamers living in denial with a giant Mac rod up their asses.

I mean seriously. Check this out.

During the announcement, Bing Gordon, an executive from EA, came onstage and touted a number of EA games that would be coming to the Mac platform this summer:

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Need for Speed Carbon
  • Battlefield 2142
  • Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

And later this year EA will ship:

  • Madden NFL 08
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

Holy crap C&C 3 finally? just a few months behind. Now when you play online, no more playing against casual gamers. you get to play they people who worship the game and already know how to pwn your sorry newb asses in 10 seconds. enjoy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


And you thought you were at a party that was a sausage fest?

Current Chinese law states that children are only allowed take the surname from either their mother or father, but the lack of variety means there are now 93 million people in China with the family name Wang.

so now when you're at a party that's got no chicks, you just say "man this place has more wangs than a chinese phone book!!!!"

shitty parents

An open letter to a couple shitty parents.

worth the read. forward the link to everyone who is a parent. MAKE them read it.

these 2 people described in the letter should be sterilized.


Well according to looks like Dale Jr is headed to Hendrick racing next year.

Once again..... i'm so glad i left this sport.

I mean cuz if i were still watching and a fan, my head would have exploded. Seriously. What are all you Jr fans going to do? 90% of you HATE Gordon and Hendrick racing almost to the point of where it's encoded in your DNA and is handed down to your children. Does this mean you have to root for Hendrick? Is Gordon and Johnson, his soon to be TEAMMATES not the anti-christ anymore? On the superspeedways you all root for Jeff and Jimmie to crash, but now they might be in a position to help your driver.

I envy you not Jr nation.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Still not sorry

Came across this little gem on

Kurt Busch docked 100 points and fined $100,000 for actions during weekend race. The EXACT same punishment handed to Earnhardt Jr. What did these men do to earn such wrath??

Jr - wrong part on car.
Busch - ran into Tony Stewart who was parked IN his pit box nearly RUNNING OVER tire changer in the process who avoided it by jumping over Tony's car like it was the General Lee.

wow. that sounds fair doesn't it? NASCAR sure has proven me wrong when i said the severity and fairness in which they dole out punishment is a fucking joke. oh no wait THEY DIDN'T!!!! they just proved me right and made me even MORE satisfied with my decision to give the sport the finger and walk away.

thanks NASCAR

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Russia returns

he may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is NOT a porn star!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy days

I'd just like to pass along the happy annoucement of a birth.

Seth Ariel ("Annointed Lion of God") Badeaux. 9.5 pounds. Healthy, happy.

Congrats go out to the exhausted father Chris and soon-to-be exhausted mom Bridget.

Cavs tickets

Dear god... $14,999!?!?!?!?!

i wouldn't pay that much to PLAY in the NBA finals.

Getting paid has listed the top 50 highest paid athletes.

this is based on earnings/winnings and endorsements. quite a list they have there and Tiger is top once again. note, the only reason you don't see Beckham is because this is American athletes. I think there are a few interesting things to notice about the list.

- one woman. Michelle Wie. it's KINDA surprising, but not really. i mean, if it was going to be just one woman i knew it would be her.

- over half the list is NBA players. all that money and the league still stinks.

- 2 of the top 3 are golfers. personally i think that's just fucking nuts. then again, i think golf is one of the biggest wastes of time EVER.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007


See now this is story you'd only see happening outside America. Long and short of it, Denmark and Sweden are playing a world cup qualifying match, Ref awards penalty show to Sweden, Danish fan attack ref, game is called and Denmark is forced to forfeit.

You won't find this kind of thing happening in this country for a few reasons.

1 - we aren't that insane. we paint our bodies, we hold up bad signs, we get tattoos, and we even force our kids to humiliate themselves on TV. but that's pretty much the extent of where our sports fever lies. we can't hold a candle to the rest of the world in their passion for soccer. you'll never see and NBA crowd throwing flares onto the court during a game. You won't ever read about an NFL QB getting shot in the street for throwing a game-costing interception in a big game. things like that just don't happen. is this a bad thing? no not really. it's only bad when we pretend we're as passionate or more than the rest of the world. let's not kid ourselves.

2 - our leagues/owners/sponsors/corporate-types don't have the fucking balls to do something like this. in an age where anyone can sue anyone for anything, forcing a forfeit due to fan interference is just BEGGING for the courts to step in.

3 - European soccer leagues hold the clubs responsible for their fans actions. when the fan shit gores down, the leagues do stuff like tell the clubs "your next game, you aren't allowed to have anyone attend. you're playing for an empty stadium". teams feel the financial pinch from letting fans act like assholes. now here in America when fans like the piss-ant scumbag sore losers in Utah start throwing stuff at the opposing players and THEIR WIVES, then something needs to happen. what i vote happens is the "play to no crowd" thing. and then the team just recoups their financial loses by charging double for tickets until they get that money back. AND they print on the tickets "you want to complain about ticket prices? blame the bastards who couldn't act right".

so anyways, i think it's funny when i read about fans in Europe going nuts. i admire their loyalty and zeal.

Simpsons songs

A complete list of all the songs sung in the Simpsons. Also a list of original songs from the show. Like the Monorail song.....

The ring came off my pudding can!! Use my pen knife my good man!!!

God i miss that show when it was funny.

nod to Robbie for finding the link.


Just when i thought spammers couldn't be bigger douchebags. check this gem out......

for the love of god don't click on any of the links in the letter, i just want to show you what they moved on from the nigerian scam to.

Sgt.James Clayton(Iraq)
Salami azia 1, 654
Military Hosptial Iraq
I hope my email meets you well. My name is Sgt .James Clayton jr(American soldier). I am in the Engineering military unit here in Baghdad in Iraq , with Oesophageal cancer which has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few weeks to live, according to medical experts. My late 2 colleagues who died last week in a bomb blast and I found a huge sum of $25 Million USD in Baghdad neighbourhood ( that we have successfully moved out of the country via online bank transfer to a secure security and online finance institution in Spain . I am contacting you because i want you help me distribute them to charity organizations and homeless people.

I feel distributing the funds would be a way to appease the LORD and also want God to be merciful to me and my late friends and also accept our souls ,because we have killed so many in the war, but we where only serving our country. I have decided to give this sum 0f $25 Million USD to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth.
I am single, as my family died in a car accident years ago, and i vowed on my son and wife grave never to get married, so then i joined the force. I guess it is time for me to go join my family as i see my beautiful wife and my son in my dreams.
I will want you to help me collect this funds and dispatched it to charity organizations like i have said earlier. I have set aside 25% for you and your time.5% for any expenses during the process of you getting the $25 Million USD.The most important thing is that can I TRUST you Once the funds get to you?, and also would you distribute the rest 70% to charity organizations?. Your own duty is to contact the SECURITY AND FINANCE on how the funds can be released and transfer to you,as the funds were insured by me for security measures. If you are interested I will furnish you with more details,so you are to send me all your full informations such as telephone,mobile,fax,country,occupation e.t.c.
But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times because if the authorities are aware of this funds, it would be seized and used for purchasing ammunitions and irrelevant accessories, whereby we have so many sick, homeless kids dying with hunger.
I am awaiting your urgent response on my private email address,



Friday, June 01, 2007

free at last

Finally done with all my classes at ITT. Thank god. if only i could reach 2 years into the past and tell myself to avoid that fucking place like the plague.

I don't really feel like getting into the "why" of it right now, but i will. If for no other reason than to have something written down for future reference.

Anyways, now comes the task of landing full time work. I got a good job in the field right now but unless they bump my hours up i can't afford to stay.

Swear Jar

This commercial is AWESOME

Keanu doesn't suck

Someone decided to tell us why.

Personally i like Keanu Reeves and his work. I liked the Matrix trilogy and Devil's Advocate was an awesome movie.

#6 on this list was the best one.