Monday, September 14, 2009

Single moms ad

You know, that ad on facebook to meet single moms is misleading. I click thinking "hell yeah, meet some disgruntled mom who wants to release all that sexual frustration in an evening where she's free of the kids and free to make herself feel like that young gal who was out partying her butt off before she got married and had kids and found her husband off with some other woman and now she harbors that resentment and she wants to find some sucker of a man to rock his world and make him her love slave by over-sexing him and then crushing his soul, but she doesn't realize i'm wise to her ploy and that i keep MY soul in a coffee tin in a safety deposit box. Over-sex all you like missy, it won't work."

Only when i click the ad it goes to the home page and says "click here to meet other single parents". what a sec, OTHER??? you mean i have to have my own kid to get in on this? what a gyp!!!

I need to see if there's a site for hot chicks looking to act like total whores only if you promise to still respect them in the morning. I won't but, ya know, I can totally say i will and make it sound convincing.