Saturday, April 16, 2011

must... type... thru.... pain....

it causes physical pain to link to Rolling Stone, but this is something that must be done.

this is exactly what i'm talking about.

articles like that point out exactly why all this budget debate hoo-ha bullshit is a waste of time, taxpayer money, and Republican sanity/credibility.  When we're pissing away $200 million to a bored and rich housewife then it's time to stop and say, "maybe we outta look closer at how this money gets spent.  Specifically how it gets spent."  I keep saying that once you reign in the HOW then the HOW MUCH solves itself.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Admiral Taxy Von Taxington of the USS Tax-a-palooza

have to agree on the point that it isn't how MUCH the rich get taxed that should be an issue.  all this squabbling and bickering over budgets is pointless.  it isn't how MUCH the government gets that's the more immediate concern, it's how they use it that is.  i keep as much of my money from the government as i possibly and legally-ish can for the same reason i don't give to charities or bums on the street.  because i know the money will get pissed away on bullshit.  I've worked in the government money area.  I've seen just how much and what kind of shit they blow thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on. 

when i was doing contract admin for Halliburton in Afghanistan i was talking to the project manager about the amounts we were seeing the government spend and he was like "this is nothing, back when we were doing the same thing we're doing here in Bosnia, they were spending TONS more on far less.  we tore down and rebuilt the same camp 4 or 5 times because every time a new unit rotated in the commander wanted the camp built his way and if they had the money to blow we were more than happy to take it."

I mean seriously, have you ever seen an efficient bureaucracy?  at all?  can you name me anything the government does cheaper and better than the private sector? 

Uncle Sam is nothing but a pimp these days.  welfare, unemployment, "social justice" programs.... it's all pimping tools.  Pimp Daddy Sammy wants you in his stable because the mo hoes he has the mo money he makes.  I guess the government asks itself "well, since we started doing it, the number of people on welfare has only gone UP.  did we ever have a plan to make it go down?  were we ever planning on finding real ways to help these people stand on their own?  no?  easier to just toss them a check and take our cut?  OK then that'll work.  more power for us."

The GOP is going to hand the next election to Obama if they keep throwing themselves on their sword over stupid shit in a pitiful attempt to look "moral" and to placate the eco-maniacs in the tea party who think they're the ones driving the GOP bus.  This crybaby shit I keep reading about "we put them in office and they owe it to us to make good on their promises!!"  Hilarious.  The gays, anti-war crowd, privacy people, and most of the liberal base are still saying the same shit about Obama.  You all have the same sand from the same beach in your vaginas.  So they didn't deliver on EVERYTHING they promised.  BFD.  They gave you their battle plan in the election, and as you should know, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.  Obama is just now figuring THAT out the hard way.  So get off your high horses (something i know is nigh impossible for a religious person to do but please try) and focus on fixing what things you CAN and the thing that will make a real difference.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

more venting

- all you religious people out there..... if you're right and there is a God, and he has a grand plan and everything is by his will and he has a reason for everything he does? He's a fucking dick. A fucking asshole who just loves kicking a man when he's down. Frankly I find the idea that there's an almighty being orchestrating all this far far far more depressing/enraging than the thought that life is just there and shit just happens. None of you find the idea that someone/something WANTS all this to happen insulting? I'm with George Carlin. If this is the best that God can do, I'm not impressed. This is not the kind of results that belong on the resume of a supreme being. This the kind of shit I'd expect from a temp with a bad attitude.

- it isn't enough to lose something that made you happy. no, instead it has be rubbed in your fucking face all the time for good measure.

- people are retarded. dumbasses are everywhere. I used to think that mankind as a species was basically in a race. we were trying to race and see if we could grow out of the selfish, ignorant, and aggressive people we are before we destroyed ourselves. now? I think that moment we grow up is never coming. all we're doing is inventing one new thing after another until we finally figure out how to bring it all crashing down around us.

- I'm forced to wonder on a scale of 1 to 10 just how bad a person I am for hating the happiness I see around me. I don't really care, I'm just curious if I should hate seeing others enjoying life as much as I do. You what's funny? The only thing about it that bothers me in the slightest isn't that I hate seeing others happy. It's that I find myself upset and saying things I hate hearing others say. Stuff like "It isn't fair" or "why do they get to have what they want and i don't". When I hear others say that stuff I usually laugh and tell them that life isn't fair and tough shit if you don't like it. It just sounds far more disingenuous when you're saying it to yourself.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Great job

This whole government shutdown thing..... while the blame game will most certianly be played by both sides i'm here to tell you who I'M blaming.  EVERYONE.  everyone from the top to the bottom.  Democrats, Republicans, Presidents, Congressmen, Voters, Taxpayers..... take it Gary Oldman.... 

Thursday, April 07, 2011


not sure what's more depressing.
- the tea party and the GOP in general willing to see the govt shut down just to win a pissing contest.
- a president that has turned into a car salesman
- politicians (high ranking ones) who would rather ask Americans to cram their freedom of speech than tell murdering Islamic ungrateful dickholes that we'll say whatever we fucking please about Islam and we'll burn whatever we want and if they don't like it tough shit.  but if they wanna play the "get mad, get violent, feel justified" game, then the next time one of those buttfucking, unwashed, dipshit douchbags burns an American flag or an effigy of our president (bush or obama) then we're going to lob a couple missiles into the crowd because all who insult America deserve to die.  See, we can play the same game you can.  Only we're a lot better at retaliation because we spent the last 200 years inventing the Internet and cracking the atom instead of fucking sheep and making our women walk around in burlap sacks.

Friday, April 01, 2011


So i read about the 7 co-workers in NY who claimed the $319 million lottery winnings.  it's kinda funny.  when they throw a number like 319,000,000 out there every thinks "those people are stupid rich!!!!" but not really.  taking cash option and after taxes, each of them take home just over 19 million.  so they're set for life if their smart, but they won't be buying any islands any time soon.

i was reading another article on how some guy was writing about how he hated the lottery because he saw it as preying upon the poor.  it offers a false sense of hope more or less according to this guy.  now, to be fair, he wasn't opposed to the novelty and amusement of it all, the problem was that so many people see it as a legit retirement strategy.  to which i agree.  if your whole plan to retire is "win lotto" then you might as well the join the underpants gnomes.  (step 1: collect underpants  step 2: ????  step 3: profit) 

here's the thing.  the idea of instant wealth can ONLY be something that appeals to the poor.  they're the only ones with nowhere else to look.  you think the CEO of GM is sitting around wondering how much better life would be if he suddenly had an extra 20 mil?  no.  something like the lotto only stimulates the hopes and dreams of those who have none.  look, i'll speak from experience here.  i don't see a good future for me.  i don't look towards the horizon with anything approaching optimism.  here's where i sympathize with people who think instant money is the only way out.  what else is there?  when you live paycheck-to-paycheck what the hell else is there?  people who scrape by don't sit around and talk diverse stock portfolios.  they talk about saving up to get their car fixed or trying to figure out which kid they get to send to college. 

and speaking of that, i'll say this.... if i have anything remotely close to a retirement "plan" so far all i got is "don't get married or have kids".  seriously, that's it.  if i'm ever saving up for the future i better make damn sure i'm the only one i'll be spending it on.  i dunno HOW those of you with families do it.  like, i seriously can't comprehend what budgeting and saving around a spouse with kids would be like.  so i guess kristen, carrie, yolanda, and kristin all dodged a bullet cuz I am NOT a good provider. 

which brings me to another thing.  i've been reading in a lot of different opinion pieces a reference to this book about how Men are (basically) refusing to "grow up" nowadays.  that the strides in female empowerment have left us as peter pans who refuse to grow up and accept big boy responsibilities.  to which i say "wow, only a chick with a huge ego would believe THAT load of shit."  the truth lies more along the lines of how Scott Adams said in a blog piece he wrote (scott adams creator of Dilbert) offering the theory that guys just take the path of least resistance.  which is true.  guys are refusing to marry more and more not because "oh we just can't handle a strong woman."  it's because we ask "why the shit would i roll the dice on getting hitched when the odds are LITERALLY 50-50 that i'm going to get divorced which puts me at the mercy of a law structure currently designed to favor the woman?  why would i willingly offer up my youth and wealth when odds are i'm going to end up getting fucked over in the end?"  i don't get how anyone sees that as "refusing to grow up" and not "calculated logical conclusion based on a pro-con agruement favoring personal gratification".  like i said, only the vanity of a woman would interprit this as "giving up to the might of women!!" and not "why am i playing a rigged game?"