Thursday, April 07, 2011


not sure what's more depressing.
- the tea party and the GOP in general willing to see the govt shut down just to win a pissing contest.
- a president that has turned into a car salesman
- politicians (high ranking ones) who would rather ask Americans to cram their freedom of speech than tell murdering Islamic ungrateful dickholes that we'll say whatever we fucking please about Islam and we'll burn whatever we want and if they don't like it tough shit.  but if they wanna play the "get mad, get violent, feel justified" game, then the next time one of those buttfucking, unwashed, dipshit douchbags burns an American flag or an effigy of our president (bush or obama) then we're going to lob a couple missiles into the crowd because all who insult America deserve to die.  See, we can play the same game you can.  Only we're a lot better at retaliation because we spent the last 200 years inventing the Internet and cracking the atom instead of fucking sheep and making our women walk around in burlap sacks.

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