Saturday, November 07, 2009

They don't get it

So GLAAD is protesting South Park's latest episode "The F word" dealing with Harley riders and the word FAG. I guess they're mad that they're still getting getting called a bunch of fags and that we aren't out on the streets crying our eyes out that they're still being called fags. The problem is, they must not have watched the episode or, they were in the next room butt-fucking during an important part.

This is a slur whose meaning remains rooted in homophobia.

No you fag, it isn't. If you had been paying attention to the part where the Harley riders are researching the word fag in the library you'll find the word has predated your little culture you're trying to create and it's been used to slander the poor and old ladies. THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE FUCKING EPISODE. Words change meaning. Christ, even in your own fucking organization name. GAY used to mean (and we're not talking like hundreds of years ago more like 50 or 60) happy. So, chalk this episode as lost to this retarded group and let me finish with a few points.

- We all user words out of meaning all the time. To me, calling someone/something retarded is an all the fucking time occurrence. I'm not calling people mentally handicapped i'm calling them stupid. No i don't see a problem and no i won't stop. I know that it isn't my intention to insult mentally challenged people. End of story. Everyone else with a problem can go fuck yourself.

- Does anyone else see the hysterical irony of a group of people who stole the word gay (they did, let's be honest. gay will never mean happy again) getting mad over a show trying to "steal" their insult? that's our word for making fun of you, we need it!!!

- yes, i'm being intentionally over-insulting towards gays. satire.

Cuddle? What a fag!!