Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Star Wars

Interesting article on how to reboot star wars or basically give it the same treatment Star Trek just got. If it makes a new Star Wars film that's as badass as the Star Trek one was, I'm game.

Recently I was showing Joe (my roommate and coworker) the trailer for the new Star Wars MMORPG. It was a bitchin CGI movie with some awesome fighting going on and Joe said, "why couldn't they have put this kind of stuff in the movies?" I agree. Here's some points i'd like to make about do/do not for a reboot.

- make some fucking awesome lightsaber fights. you don't have to go far to see what I'm talking about. check out the cut scenes and fight scenes of the game "Force Unleashed". Go look at some fan made movies. They're all a million times better than the anything in the movies.

- let the force-users USE THE FORCE. don't let it be limited to just a choke here or lighting blast there. Once again, go check out "force unleashed" and see how awesome it is when you got a jedi/sith always using the force to unleash cases of whoopass.

- don't be afraid to use multiple directors. bring in a guy who does good drama for the drama scenes. bring in someone who does good action for the action scenes. you explain to these assholes that working on Star Wars is a privilege and that they are there to do a specific job. explain they better not expect any oscars. want a suggestion on fresh blood? Try Shinichiro Watanabe. Go watch the anime series Cowboy Bebop or Macross Plus and you'll see some awesome action. Space battles and other cool stuff.

- Changes without pandering. No making any main characters Black or Gay simply to pander to the people who felt there wasn't enough of either in the originals. Screw them. You got Lando and you got C3P0 there you got Black and Gay. leave it alone. Like the article said, don't be afraid to make some changes. Make Han a bigger jerk in the beginning. Make Leia a pilot or even make her a jedi in secret. Obviously the shock value of the Skywalker bloodline is not going to be there so why make it secret? Let Leia find her long lost brother and have them both train with Yoda. Make it so Yoda tells them that when found each other they have only then will training they receive.