Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Poll: Americans don't want net neutrality

this poll says 2 things. oh sure it's about americans and net neutrality, but here's what it REALLY tells us.

1 - polls are worthless. you ask 800 people a question and suddenly we've got a snapshot of how the country thinks? only a total retard would believe a poll actually says anything worth listening to.

2 - the second sentence of this article says that only 7 percent of the people polled even knew WHAT net neutrality is. this proves wizard's first rule. "people are stupid".

we've all been told that our vote is special and it makes a difference for so long that we actually believe it. news flash.... your vote isn't special. votes mean crap. also, don't let anyone ever tell you that if you don't vote you have no right to complain. time for a little perspective folks, you need to realize exactly WHAT your vote means. realize something, you don't vote for EVERY politician that's in office. so when i bitch about whack-o nutfucks like Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi, guess what, i have every fucking right. i can't vote those asshats out of office. i can't get rid of all these prick judges who actually let lawyers flood our courts with bullshit lawsuits.

i know this sounds cliche, but if you ever want to make good use of the power you DO have, then you have to accept just how powerless you are. so just accept that you CAN'T change the world with a single vote. you aren't special. you're no different than any of us.

oh and do i even need to stress that you need just stop believing every and damn near ANYthing the media tells you?