Friday, April 15, 2011

Admiral Taxy Von Taxington of the USS Tax-a-palooza

have to agree on the point that it isn't how MUCH the rich get taxed that should be an issue.  all this squabbling and bickering over budgets is pointless.  it isn't how MUCH the government gets that's the more immediate concern, it's how they use it that is.  i keep as much of my money from the government as i possibly and legally-ish can for the same reason i don't give to charities or bums on the street.  because i know the money will get pissed away on bullshit.  I've worked in the government money area.  I've seen just how much and what kind of shit they blow thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on. 

when i was doing contract admin for Halliburton in Afghanistan i was talking to the project manager about the amounts we were seeing the government spend and he was like "this is nothing, back when we were doing the same thing we're doing here in Bosnia, they were spending TONS more on far less.  we tore down and rebuilt the same camp 4 or 5 times because every time a new unit rotated in the commander wanted the camp built his way and if they had the money to blow we were more than happy to take it."

I mean seriously, have you ever seen an efficient bureaucracy?  at all?  can you name me anything the government does cheaper and better than the private sector? 

Uncle Sam is nothing but a pimp these days.  welfare, unemployment, "social justice" programs.... it's all pimping tools.  Pimp Daddy Sammy wants you in his stable because the mo hoes he has the mo money he makes.  I guess the government asks itself "well, since we started doing it, the number of people on welfare has only gone UP.  did we ever have a plan to make it go down?  were we ever planning on finding real ways to help these people stand on their own?  no?  easier to just toss them a check and take our cut?  OK then that'll work.  more power for us."

The GOP is going to hand the next election to Obama if they keep throwing themselves on their sword over stupid shit in a pitiful attempt to look "moral" and to placate the eco-maniacs in the tea party who think they're the ones driving the GOP bus.  This crybaby shit I keep reading about "we put them in office and they owe it to us to make good on their promises!!"  Hilarious.  The gays, anti-war crowd, privacy people, and most of the liberal base are still saying the same shit about Obama.  You all have the same sand from the same beach in your vaginas.  So they didn't deliver on EVERYTHING they promised.  BFD.  They gave you their battle plan in the election, and as you should know, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.  Obama is just now figuring THAT out the hard way.  So get off your high horses (something i know is nigh impossible for a religious person to do but please try) and focus on fixing what things you CAN and the thing that will make a real difference.

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