Thursday, June 14, 2007

Airport nightmare

Story of a mother and the sippy cup at the airport security.

I have to laugh at stories like this. The more stories i read the harder i laugh. Is airport security out of their fucking minds? Hell yes they are. Is it their fault? Hell no. It's our fault. Why? Because we don't want to look like racists and bigots. This whole security thing could be going a lot easier if we were to put airport security into "common sense" mode instead of the current "fucking panic" mode it's in. We all wonder why they frisk 80 year old white grandmothers when it's clearly a waste of everyone's time. Because if we were frisking only the people who are LIKELY to be bringing shit onboard..... we'd be hearing nonstop about how evil we are for singling out Arabs. Sooner or later we need to just say "fuck their hurt feelings, this is getting out of control."

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