Thursday, June 14, 2007

the reason why

Listen up you privacy jackasses. When the government asks for data i know the initial reaction by most of the morons out there is "oh my god the government is spying on us man!!!!" I hate to break it you, but you really aren't important enough to waste time on.

In case you didn't know, the government does a LOT and it does it with inadequate resources. Always. Every year they have to do even more with even less. When you read about government blowing money, most of the time (not always) it's just someone trying to spend the entire budget they are alloted. You see, in the world of government finance, being thrifty is NOT rewarded, it is punished. You spend 8 bucks instead of the 10 you're given? Nobody says "good job smith, way to save money, here's this year's 10 bucks again." no instead they say "only 8? guess that's all you need, here's the 8 you'll need next year." never mind that you might need 10 next year. so to make sure you have 10 you have to spend 10. even then it's a roll of the fucking dice.

So why in god's name would the government waste precious resources spying on some punk-ass teenage moron who thinks he and his friends are so fucking cool because they talk shit about America. NEWS FLASH: they don't. they ask for the data to find people like this.

Sex offenders arrested

MySpace helped the government and the government used the data to find criminals who prey on children. they didn't use it to find evidence to haul off whatever nimrods worship Green Day or Michael Moore's online love slave robots.

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