Saturday, June 30, 2007


This story is simply sickening.

Here's the original story.

Long story short, a cop tells a guy to get up from a face-down, arms spread position and when the guy does he shoots him.

Here's the video of it.

Of course you would think the cop is going to do time for that right? How could he shoot a guy for complying with the orders he was yelling at him and clearly posed no danger?

Think again.

The jury deliberated less than four hours Thursday before acquitting Webb of illegally shooting Elio Carrion.

California legal system folks.

Personally i hope this cop gets gunned down in the street. He deserves nothing less. He's nothing short of a gangbanger that had his homies watch his back while he got away with some fucked up crimes.

On behalf of the US Air Force, go fuck yourself San Bernardino.

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