Friday, June 15, 2007

Video Game Bonding

I can tell you from personal experience that video games have on occation brought me and my father closer. The biggest such example is from the game "Burgertime" back on the old Intellevision system. think back to the 80s...... whoa......

Dad and I used to compete fiercely against each other. We'd post our new high score on the fridge seemingly each night. It was a lot of fun.

Everyone in the media seems hellbent on demonizing video games as addictive family and life destroyers when in fact they can be bonding experiences unlike any other. Some of the best times i can remember are from video game playing with friends/family.

- Roger and I played Halo and pretty much every other xbox game under the sun when we were roommates. We even got Chris in on a season of Madden. Great times.

- Josh and I play Need For Speed and other Xbox 360 games. I couldn't imagine a better time 2 brothers could be having.

- Massive Multiplayer Online Games. Talking World of Warcraft with Evan and Jason is a ton of fun. Not to mention some of the people i've met in-game who are fun people to interact with.

- Back in the day my whole family used to compete in Gameboy Tetris. Nobody could touch my leet skillz but hey, god bless them for trying right?

The point is that when you talk about the addictive nature of gaming you have to remember that it's a vice, no different than any other. Some people get hooked on drugs, some on drinking, some on religion, some on TV...... any of those to the point of where they tune out everyone around them. it's all about how you use those vices and if you are abusing them or letting them run our life in a healthy or UNhealthy manner.

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