Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Moron ex soldier

Some jackass is trying to "make a difference"

a soldier is returning his medals in protest. he says he feels the war is a waste to taxpayer money and has accomplished nothing.

oh did i mention this retard

- did just 1 year
- in the army reserve
- spent his time issuing ammo to the REAL soldiers
- never fired a weapon

oh my god, we should all listen to this guy!!! he's got the pulse of the WHOLE WAR figured out totally!!!! he's in a position to tell us how EVERYTHING is really going. i mean, why listen to Generals who run the whole thing when we can take a clue from some supply jockey passing out ammo instead of shooting it?

I'm predicting this guy will be on Bill Mahar's show in a month. He loves the morons. then again, i heard he loves the cock too.

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