Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sports and stuff

- Ok let's get something straight. Every single team in the NFL has been or is still doing what the Pats did. No exceptions. If you honestly think the Pats are alone in what they did then you are the dumbest bastard on the planet or insanely naive and i have a bridge to sell you. The only difference between them and the other teams? They got caught. Why did they get caught? Because they obviously aren't that good at cheating. Now ask yourself "why would a team not be good at cheating?" maybe because they aren't used to it and haven't needed to? Sounds logical to me. The part I hate is all the crybaby sore losers with sand in their vaginas like the Eagles. "oh yeah, now that we think about it, maybe we lost the Superbowl because of THAT not because we sucked." go fuck yourself Philly.

- I like how my fantasy football season is going so far. Last week I cleaned up. HARD.

- This week promises to be a plethora of releases. Jefe, do you know what a "plethora" is? anyways, the game "World In Conflict" comes out. played the demo and it's pretty cool. Superman:Doomsday is out on DVD. Not really sure about that. and friday the new Resident Evil movie comes out. I liked both the first 2 so i'm game to see this one.

- i leave you with a totally awesome commercial.

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