Wednesday, April 08, 2009

For Baizbol

I'm going to start giving updates on my fantasy baseball league.

Yes, i'm so addicted to fantasy sports i play one on a sport i don't even like. i get these daily emails telling me my team stats and the league updates. FUnny thing is, i don't even know most of the stats and what they mean. So basically, if i win this league, guys like Robbie who love and follow the sport have every right be pissed. Robbie has my permission to spit on the money before he hands it to me.

Anyways, here is the current standings 2 days into the season.

My team is the Baghdad Bombers.

Memphis Mudbugs 113.5 -8.0
Boats and Hoes 107.5 -6.0
Denton B Nasty 107.0 -3.0
N'Djamena Hanging Chads 100.0 51.0
Baghdad Bombers 83.5 13.0
SPURS SUCK 83.5 0.5
Wound Splitter 81.0 -10.5
Arlington A-Holes 76.5 -2.0
Team Edison 75.5 5.0
Ninja Turtles 73.0 7.5
Team ShakeN'Bake 68.5 0.0
Team Adams 68.0 3.0
Macho Men 58.5 -23.0
Tom Emanski All-Stars 52.0 -38.0
Cowtown Crushers 52.0 10.5

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