Wednesday, April 01, 2009

wasting time

I hate to say it, but the longer i stay here the more convinced i am that we're just all wasting our time. These people just aren't ready to be come a functioning democracy and to climb out of the dark ages.

- society is still stuck about 100 years in the past. girls are getting married off as young 12 years old. there's even people marrying cousins. they're still very tribal around here.

- we gave these guys shiny loud toys and boy do they use them. the iraqi army and cops around here blare their damn sirens for ANYTHING. they drive around at top speed with horns blowing sirens on and lights flashing like a bunch of fucking 10 year old boys. AND THEY'RE ARMED!!!! these nimrods are getting into shootouts with each other over chest-thumping bullshit like traffic right-of-way. i mean seriously, could you imagine what the news would say if 2 police convoys in the US got in a fight over a traffic issue and starting exchanging gunfire in broad daylight in the middle of the street?

- the level of corruption in the government actually makes me look at the politicians in America and go "damn we got some clean cut people running the show back home"

- everyone lies to you. right to your damn face.

- i dunno if it's an Arab thing or what but everyone has this giant freaking sense of self-worth. when they want something they HAVE to have it NOW NOW NOW!!!! they all demand you do something for them and if you don't they pitch a fit like there's no tomorrow. yeah, i know we got those douchebags in the states too, but it seems like it's EVERYONE here.

maybe i just need a vacation or something but frankly i really don't see any reason to think i'm wrong on this.

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