Thursday, April 02, 2009


Maybe i'm panicked because i'm in the business so i see the problem a bit more clearly than the average person, and maybe i'm just seeing danger where little to none exists, but either way this idea scares the shit out of me.

Bill proposed to federalize cybersecurity

Here's why it should scare you too.

- you think it's bad that your employer cuts access to certain sites or online things? This means the GOVERNMENT will decide what you can do online.

- anyone who thinks this is a good idea has obviously never worked for the government. They block access to EVERYTHING in the name of "security". Blocking in the name of security is usually like making laws and saying "it's for the children". nobody ever challenges it and you get away with anything you want.

- innovation is gone. social websites like facebook and myspace, blocked. companies wanting to create new online things will have to jump thru insane government hoops to get the "OK" to be cleared for the public to use them.

- as i've said repeatedly when it came to health care..... nothing the government runs works!!!!! The DMV, Airport Security, The Post Office..... it all runs like shit. you wanna hand the reigns of our cyber future to THOSE clowns?

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