Monday, April 20, 2009

state of NASCAR

I sent Roger, the man who lived and breathed Earnhardt and who was the one who got me into NASCAR, an article on how the #8 car is gone.

His reply: NASCAR is finished. Period.

He says he hasn't even watched since Daytona. He's not even sure if he'll watch Dega. OK, to me that just says that NASCAR has hit a low from which it probably won't recover. When your core old-school fans say stuff like that, you fucked up.

NASCAR, if you're reading this.... swallow your pride and find some way for Dale JR to "mysteriously" start having a banner year and win a championship. Cuz that's the only thing that'll save the sport. You might have trouble looking yourself in the mirror for a while, but i'm telling you another Championship by Jimmie Johnson or if Kyle Busch gets one before Jr..... bye bye.

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