Friday, February 25, 2011

Student athletes

NCAA's new president says paying the people directly responsible for making them million of dollars is out of the question

So we're still back to the arguement that the scholorship they get is enough.  If this were 1970, that might be a valid arguement.  Hell, even in the 80s.  The problem is, 2 things have changed in the last couple decades that have made this arguement worthless.

1 - college athletics, mostly football and basketball have undergone a shift in which they are now running as a business.  I'm pretty sure that alumni contributions aren't even really needed at some of these schools.  Not that that would stop them from asking for some.  What these athletes are bringing the school has shot up.  It's no longer about what kind of honor and fun they bring to students and alumni, it's about what kind of money and sponsors they bring to the school.  Bottom line: they are getting more from the athletes.  (remember that part, i'll get back to it)

2 - These college degrees are worth less than they used to be.  There was a time where a college degree meant you were set.  You had a job.  Unless it was liberal arts, that's always been a crap shoot.  Paying an athlete with a college degree was saying, "look, even if you don't go pro, you have a future and your hard work will pay off."  Not today.  Nowadays, paying with a college degree is saying "hey sucker, thanks for making us a few million.  unless you killed yourself and got a degree in engineering or something that is useful, have fun waiting tables at Applebees alongside pretty much everyone else that left this college with a bachelor's degree."  Bottom line: what colleges "pay" is less.

which brings us to the equation.....  (what colleges get from athletes hard work) + (what colleges are giving athletes in return) = you need to start paying these guys you greedy assholes.

- it's funny, i hear the point made that football or basketball jocks coast thru college.  Hell i've heard from more than one person that people in classes with Vince Young said they never saw him in class ever.  The more i think about it, the more i'm forced to say that I don't see a problem with that.  I mean think about it.  The degree is the "payment" and it's not even guarenteed.  It's like they're paying with a CHANCE to get a degree.  It's like if I built you a house and you promised to pay me with a new car, but when I go to get my paycheck you give me a ticket to be on The Price Is Right.  How the fuck is THAT fair?

Oh well, I doubt this is going to change.

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