Friday, March 04, 2011

Epic fail story

a light-hearted story of a total non-abuse of power by right-wing police against a minority male clearly violating the law.
During the remainder of the six hours that Nancy Genovese was forcibly detained on the side of the road, she was taunted, verbally harangued, threatened, belittled, abused, humiliated and harassed by members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. For example, Deputy Carlock repeatedly referred to Nancy as “a right winger” and “tea bagger”, and threatened that they were going to arrest her for terrorism to make an example of her to other “tea baggers” and “right wingers”.
yeah, but it's the tea party who we need to be concerned over.  sure.
bets on this making national news?  i got a billion dollars saying this won't crack national news.  i got a trillion that says if it was a minority and it was right-wing cops doing the arresting it WOULD.

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