Monday, July 28, 2008


I have a few things online to recommend.

- Zero Punction This guy is great. The animation makes the ranting 50 times better. Try to imagine a British version of me.

- xkcd A very smart, offbeat, and funny comic. Stick figure drawing, mathmatical references galore, and some deep thoughts about love and loss.

- Facebook. check out my profile pic. tee hee.

- The Pirate Bay if you don't know about Torrents, i highly suggest you learn. Kiss paying for music and movies goodbye. Rediscover old TV shows. Get some software.

- Filehippo tired of paying for software? Plenty of free replacements for the stuff you're probably paying out the ass for right now. Better stuff too. For example, tell Adobe Acrobat and its 1 hour start-up time to shove off and get FoxIt. Give Microsoft Office the finger and get Openoffice. Give Norton a huge foot in the mouth, punch to the gut, and bullet to the brain... and get AVG.

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