Sunday, July 27, 2008

Still selling out, still not funny anymore

Some footage of the new Treehouse of Horror for the 20th season of the Simpsons was screened at Comic-Con. From the discription it sounds like we're in for another year of unfunny selling out to Liberal-ville. We're dangerously close to having to resort to "accidental" deaths of the cast and crew in order to stop this travesty of a show. Am i alone in thinking this?

Spoiler warning: Here's what they described.

The presentation began with a screening of two clips from the forthcoming "Treehouse of Horror XIX," introduced by Groening. BEGIN SPOILERS:

The first clip is set on Election Day, with half of a Springfield street's storefronts decorated with Obama signs and the other side covered with McCain ones. Grandpa Simpson holds a sign that reads, "I Still Like Ike"; Mr. Burns stands on the opposite side with a sign that says, "Vote NO on the Magna Carta."

Homer checks in at the polling station looking to vote for governor, president, "anything that will take more money from our parks and libraries." Home can't squeeze into the first voting booth so he's sent to the handicap one since its wider. That booth has an electronic voting machine, which he soon discovers is rigged when his votes for Obama are recognized as McCain votes. When he threatens to report the machine, it opens up revealing a vacuum tube that sucks him inside. He gets sucked inside and then spat back out into the auditorium, where stamps Homer's head with a sticker that reads, "I Just Voted."

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Joe S said...

You're frick'n kidding me right? Yeah, this show sucks. I stopped watching it a while back because it was getting too political...or should I say too leftist. I'm all for equal ribbing of both parties, but keep it "fair and balanced." I once even liked the Daily Show, but that was long, long time ago.