Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Women voters

Just wanted to expand on something mentioned in a comment. Namely why women would be stupid enough to vote for Hillary. There's plenty of reasons not to vote for her.

- not looking forward to 4 years of Bill. Cuz you know he isn't going to just shut up and host dinners.
- You're black and you're afraid your friends will find out you didn't vote for Obama and come for you in the middle of the night.
- You fell for her bullshit and voted her into office in New York and you regret it.

then we have reasons people will vote for her.

- You hate black people and you'll be damned if you do anything that would lead to one running the country.
- you want to be in her good graces because you know that when a Clinton hands out political favors, pardons, and no-bid contracts for supporting the military in a military conflict in a country that is no threat to the United States *cough*Bosnia*cough* the media doesn't give a shit and will never look into it or accuse you of being a war-profiteer.
- two words: heavy drinking
- hoping it will get you laid to show how much you care about chicks. if this is you, please for the love of god just go pay for an escort. or get really fucked up and bang a girl you know you wouldn't bang unless you were drunk.
- have those stitches from the lobotomy healed yet?

and the reason why 95% of the women who vote for her are voting for her.....

- you've been convinced that as a woman, you are OBLIGATED to vote for ANY woman who runs for office because your feminist overlords have made it clear that any woman not voting for Hillary is a traitor to her gender. even if the woman is incapable of telling the truth, is power-hungry at a level that James Bond villains couldn't even imagine, and hasn't actually accomplished anything since she first set foot in DC.

this strategy will only work on white women. why? because black women would rather be black than a woman. simple as that. ain't going to work on ANY men because given the choice they'd all rather be sexist than racist. sorry to say but as a voter that's the choice you face. if you don't vote for Hillary, you hate women. if you don't vote for Obama, you hate black people. So what's it going to be?

and no, i don't think you're either whichever way you vote, but that's what the media will present it as.

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Country O.G. said... got it right, as usual. 95% of women will stick together. That also holds true for the black voters. They too feel obligated to vote black just because the candidate is black also. If you like the sound of pins dropping just ask a black person what Obama has done in Congress to deserve their vote.

People can vote for personal reasons instead of the issues. I don't give a fuck. I might vote for the sluttiest bitch in a stripper contest. That's just my personal preference.