Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ending robbery

i love anime. it's better animation than anything America will ever put out and the stories are far better too. My all-time favorite is Macross Plus. My top 3 is:

1 - Macross Plus
2 - Cowboy Bebop
3 - Neon Genesis Evangelion

but there is something about anime that bugs me. endings. the Japanese really don't seem to know the meaning of the word "closure" do they? it's either that or they get bored making it REALLY easy.

macross plus closed up pretty good. guld and isamu work it out, sharon is destroyed, and it seems myung and isamu will end up together.... but they never really spell it out.

cowboy bebop. looks like spike kicks the bucket, edward is gone, jet and faye seem to be left alone and missing spike. or do they? spike is a pretty resilient guy, i think it's not out of the question he survives. right? guess we'll never know.

evangelion..... now this one i felt just plain ROBBED. i'm not alone. i remember my best friend chris saying that andy, one of the guys we went to school with, got violently upset at how it ended. i'm not MAD, i'm just disappointed. the show went from GREAT to FUCKING WEIRD fast. such a shame.

am i alone here? does anyone else feel a bit cheated?

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