Saturday, February 16, 2008


I read on another blog someone remarking that voting time is coming up and that we should all get out and vote no matter who we support because that's what defines us as Americans.....etc.... you get the point. i respect that opinion, kinda. i do think our voting right is vastly important, but voting just to vote or just so you can say "i voted so i matter as an American" or even worse trying to pull the "if you don't vote you can't complain" card. to quote Chris Rock, "you can steer a car with your feet if you want to, that don't make it a good fucking idea!!!" the lesson is, just because you CAN doesn't mean SHOULD. sometimes not doing it means more than doing it. right now, i think our choices as voters suck. look at who we got to choose from.

- McCain. a wanna-be republican. for me, it isn't that he "isn't conservative enough" it's that he tries to play that he works with the Dems when the reality is, he folds faster than Superman on laundry day. "working with" means you give AND receive.

- Huckabee. a former minister. pardon the pun but, GOD no. we do NOT need a really religious person running the show. i mean, holy shit, that's why we're in the middle east. because really religious people are running the show and it's gotten out of fucking control. can't we at least TRY an atheist president?

- Hillary. Insanity, plain and simple. this woman will do or say whatever she has to in order to get this job. she doesn't even hide it. i mean, JUST how gullible are you if you actually trust her? too gullible to be allowed to vote in my opinion. look, i may not agree with ANY of their policies but when it comes down to her and Obama, i believe Obama is doing it to try and make a difference. with her, i know she just wants the power. we've been forced to listen to 7 years of bitching about how power-mongering Bush and Cheney are.... so the solution is electing THIS????

- Obama. the guy doesn't have the experience. this could help him. my brother says "he just isn't jaded enough yet for Washington". right now he's basically running on "i'm something different" and "i promise change" and "i'm black" and "i'm not Hillary". that last one might just net him some conservative votes eager to stick it to McCain.

so let's look at the reality of the situation. nothing is going to change. nothing big anyways. doesn't really matter who gets elected. look, when you vote, the only message you're sending is "you said what you had to and spent what you had to, here's a vote. congrats." oh sure you might wanna say "i'm an american and this is my right." but they won't hear it as that.

lemme put it this way. the owner of the NY Knicks. he pretty much does whatever the hell he wants. the fact that he hasn't fired Isiah is proof he couldn't give a fuck what the peons of New York think. why? because there's still people showing up for games. maybe they show up to boo, maybe they show up because they still love the team and feel they shouldn't suffer due to poor management, maybe they show up to watch the other team.... all worthless. all the owner understands is that tickets are being bought, money is coming in, and therefore why should he care WHY.

same thing with politicians. votes cast only translate to 1 of 2 things to them.

1 - i said the right things.
2 - i said the wrong things.

if the country was serious about change, they'd stop rewarding lies with votes. and yet, here we are.

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Country O.G. said...

Mayor...great rant. Pardon the language I'm about to use.

I can't believe women are stupid enough to vote for Hillary.Most all of us guys have cheated on our women. You could be three states away and your girlfriend would know you cheated.

This bitch is claiming she didn't know Bill was getting his dick sucked while she was in the same house! And evidently women voters believe her. Where are all these dumb fucking women, and why don't I ever hook up with them? Hillary has these dumb bitches believing that she was the victim.

Which brings me to Obama. These gullible women voters are going to decide the election. Obama need to be charming the pants off them if he wants to win. I know women, and they will fall for that insincere charm every time. Just ask Bill. It got him elected twice.