Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Post-Daytona thoughts

It was ok. i wasn't floored or anything, but it wasn't too bad. A few points to make.

- the one time you DIDN'T want gordon or johnson to wreck and they do. this really cemented the fact that Jr is the single most dangerous driver in the post-Earnhardt Sr. era at a Superspeedway. i don't mean dangerous in a Kyle Busch, Robby Gordon, Montoya way. You know the "wreck everyone around you then act indignant when people get pissed at you." i mean dangerous as in everyone knows he's the man to beat and that if and everyone around you aren't working as a single unit to beat him, he's going to whip your ass. Even with the Toyotas having the cars to beat can you really say that if Jr had had ANY help he wouldn't have smoked them? Betting at restrictor plate races is like betting on golf. in golf you bet Tiger vs the field. Plate racing it's Jr vs the field. Field won this one, because the field acted AS a field against him. Hey it worked, my hat is off to them for admitting they had to if one them wanted to win.

- I'm still not blown away by the COT. i'll admit it has put more racing back into the driver's hands, but it still looks like shit.

- Coverage still sucks. Who the hell ARE some of these pit reporters? Have i been gone from the sport THAT long?

- I'm still getting used to the number/sponsor changes. We've gone from smoking and drinking (Winston/Busch) to cell phones and insurance (Sprint/Nationwide). Good god, just writing that made me feel less manly.

- Gopher cam? shoot me please.

so i guess the verdict is still WAY out for the new season. come see me after 3 or 4 more races.


Cynthia said...

The Race in general was boring. There wasn't enough "side by side" racing. I hate it when 5-7 cars lead single file leaving the rest of the field to fight for 8th place. I can't even say there was anything exciting other than the occasional wreck.
The Duals, were more exciting. Toyota has been given too much of an plate tracks anyway. We'll see once we get to Bristol, Hotlanta and Blowes Motor Speedway.
I wish that Nascar would back down on all the prerace crap. Chubby Checker Lip synched and that just sucks in my eyes. It was nice to see Michael McDonald could still belt out those tunes...that was impressive. Kool & the Gang sucked...LIP SYNCHING HO'S!!! Brooks & Dunn....thank God people can still put a mic up to thier mouth and be on key....

But anyhoo...

Get back to basics...all this 1 hour pre race crap isn't what the fans want. And I'm sure it'd help the drivers to not have to stand through all that crap so they can get in there car & risk thier lives to put on a great show for us.



Country O.G. said...

Mayor, as you could see, NASCAR is as fucked up as ever. As fucked up as a football bat.
You should have seen the races on Thursday. They had to red flag the 2nd race twice for blown engines. Blown fucking engines! Some bean counter at NASCAR had bought some new speedy-dri. This shit was white powder. Like baby powder. The powder mixed with the oil and really fucked up the track. You could see the powder settle on the parked cars, like snow.

You definitely haven't missed anything on Fox TV. DW is still the dumbest fuck on the planet.

Maybe your return will help Jr. He hasn't won a plate race in 3 or 4 years now.

Jimmy--this is gene, some of my comments are as Country OG. If I'm already logged in.

Jimmy said...

I'm glad i didn't miss anything, and i'm sad the sport is still fucked up.