Monday, July 03, 2006

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i've read a few reviews of Superman Returns . mostly good. some not so. that doesn't bother me, what DOES bother me is these idiots who are knit-fucking-picky as hell about plot and character stuff. for example.... (warning, spoilers ahead)

- the kid. so we got people wondering why the kid wasn't leaping tall buildings and flinging cars like dear old dad. ok let me clear this up. superman doesn't have a freaking kid in the comics. meaning.... THERE ARE NO "RULES" TO HOW HIS SPAWN WOULD DEVELOP!!!! especially not one that's half-human. maybe not all superman's powers transfer..... maybe the kid needs more sun..... maybe kryptonite has no effect on the kid..... maybe kryptonite charges his powers..... WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?!?!? these nimrods act like there's established continuity.

- Clark Kent returns. so why doesn't anyone notice Clark and Superman return around the same time? well, it's pretty simple. nobody noticed because nobody cares. The whole reason a simple disguise like a pair of glasses works is because nobody looks for Superman to be disguised as a mere mortal. you saw Lois and Richard laugh at the IDEA that Clark was Superman.

there was one plot observation that i kinda have to agree with. Lex's land scheme. Sinking the entire continental United States would have a pretty SIGNIFICANT effect on the world's economy wouldn't you agree? Something tells me Lex might find his land not quite worth as much as he hopes when there ain't no money to pay with.

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