Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Someone braver (or dumber) than me went and saw "The Break Up". i love this review.

Despite being one of the worst reviewed movies of the summer so far (with only a 32 percent approval on rotten tomatoes) 'the Break Up' scored a respectable opening weekend, pulling in 38 million dollars and finishing number 1 at the box office. 'X Men 3' follwed its record breaking 107 million dollar opening last week with another 34 million over the weekend, bringing its total to 176 million in just 9 days. 'The Break Up' will almost certainly never hit those kind of numbers. Seriously. God damn that thing was boring. After about 30 minutes I forgot I was even watching a movie. It's like staring at an aquarium for two hours.

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Anonymous said...

Why bother? Jennifer was good on friends. ....But that's about it. The best thing she had going for her was Brad Pitt, ultimately, she wanted a movie career more than she wanted his baby....Bad choice!

My..My...My....how things change.

Now her career is struggling ( and I don't really think it'll ever take off) and she's dating some geek like Vince Vaughn. All the while Angelina & Brad are in the limelight as a big , happy family. Good luck to them.... : )