Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sports Guy world cup

Sports Guy offers his thoughts on the World Cup.

this was hilarious.

8. Everyone makes fun of the flopping, and it is hideous, but it's also funny as hell. These guys drop like they were gunned down by a sniper, then they roll around for 10 seconds in absolute agony, heroically hop up and limp around to "shake it off," and within 30 seconds they're running full speed again. Even Ric Flair didn't sell pain so well. More important, it's the one thing that will keep soccer from ever, ever, ever becoming a bona fide force in this country. Americans won't stomach such dishonesty. We see right through it. No way Dwyane Wade pulls that crap; we'd never allow it. OK, bad example.

he makes a good point though. the faking injuries thing has been a REAL turnoff for Americans. allow me to shed some light on this though. one of the bonuses of knowing Josh and Robbie is the insight i've gotten on the nuances of Soccer overseas. Robbie knows everything about any sport out there and Josh has been playing the game more than half his life. So the flopping breaks down like this: it's expected. when you get hit you go down and act like your leg just snapped in half. then when you get up, you go find the guy who did it and you slide-tackle the fuck out of him. that's just how it works. do i like it? no. i think it's a total pussy way of playing. obviously most everyone in this country feels the same way.

so the final is coming up and frankly it disgusts me. is there any way that BOTH teams can lose? i just don't want France or Italy winning. i primarily rooted the US to win. patriotism. after them i went for England and Spain. England because i jumped on the bandwagon from being around Josh and Robbie. Hey, i'm new to the sport so i just went for what my friends did. Hell, before i became a Texans fan i would root for the Raiders, Bills, and Patriots thanks to Roger my Dad and Mike Kelly. I rooted for Spain since it's in my family heritage and for my good friend Yolanda.

oh well. maybe next time. 4 years......

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