Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chase changes

i assume y'all heard about France thinking of messing with the Chase format AGAIN. thanks Kristen for posting this on trackside (no not THAT kristin roger)

Top 10 Ways Brian France Is Considering "Changing" "The Race"

10. Changing the title to, “B. France’s Next el Conductor del Campeonato.”

9. Instead of a trophy, the winner gets to spend 5 fabulous days and nights at the France family compound.

8. If the ratings of any particular Chase race do NOT beat those of the competing NFL game, the race is declared null and void and rerun when two “more beatable” NFL teams are playing.

7. Driver and Crew Chief of each Top 10 team must switch places for at least one race during the Chase. The team that must switch will be drawn out of a hat ten minutes before the start of the race, after which the team that is drawn will no longer be included in any subsequent drawings.

6. Sealed bids will be accepted from each Top 10 car’s sponsor to determine starting order for each of the last ten races. Highest bid starts on the pole. (Checks payable to B. France)

5. All “Chase” races to be held in the market of Brian’s choosing.

4. The car of any Top 10 driver whose last name ends in “son” will be exempt from ANY NASCAR inspection during the entire Chase.

3. The first 26 races of the season will be “non-points” events, practice races if you will. THEN the “Chase” begins, with EVERYONE within 400 points of the leader!

2. For all “Chase” races, prices automatically double for everything, from tickets to hot dogs.

1. Expand “The Chase” to include 36 races….no, that won’t work! What a stupid way to determine a Champion.

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Kristen said...

My personal favorite... #4.. LOL :)