Sunday, February 12, 2006

olympics, rivalries, and more......

- i just read that Kwan is dropping out of the Olympics. i'm sorry to see it happen, i really am. i don't follow skating but i know enough to know this would be like if Marino took himself out of a Superbowl right before retiring. i respect her decision greatly, it couldn't have been easy.

- speaking of skating, Robbie and i were remarking on the couple Savchenko and Szolkowy. They're representing Germany. Those ain't german names. in fact, she's from Russia. she moved to Germany in 2003. some of these dual-citizenship deals are wild. the other thing we were remarking on is GOD DAMN SHE'S GOT A KILLER BODY. she has GOT to be a demon in the sack.

- you know what makes the best rivalries? it isn't the ones with the most trash-talk. it isn't the ones that constantly one-up each other in competition either. no, the best ones are ones in which the competition is built around respect. TNT was showing Heat and i was watching the scene with Pacino and DeNiro sitting in the diner talking and thinking, "this is what made this movie work. these two guys are great at what they do and what they do happens to be on opposite sides of the line. they both know where they stand with each other and yet despite it all they respect the hell out of each other. i'll tell you from personal experience when it comes to competition i'd much rather beat a friend than some stranger online. that's why i gotta laugh at some of these "manufactured" rivalries we see on TV like the Stevens-Porter one from the Superbowl. that isn't a rivalry. that's just one guy being a dick and the media shoving it down our throats.

- did you know that the video game series "Command and Conquer" is 10 years old? i'll just say it again, "god damn i'm getting old". i can remember playing red alert over the LAN at work after hours back when i was stationed in Germany.

- is it me or are commercials in general getting shittier and shittier? shit like that Sonic commercial with that fucking goofball or the burger king commercials with that creepy king. or how about EVERY SINGLE commercial from Sierra Mist? those annoying asshats with the one guy who's always stealing the other guy's drink and never getting his ass kicked? that doesn't make me want to buy your product, that just reminds of the times i had brought drinks to work and someone drank them or something else similar and it just PISSES ME OFF. oh and while i'm dishing advice to Sierra Mist..... Kathy Griffin is not funny. she never was. she never will be. you put her in a commercial you might as well tell me the procedes are going to help Michael Moore make another movie, cuz i'll fucking shove a red hot poker up my ass before i buy your shit.

- feels like i'm wearing nothing at all..... nothing at all...... nothing at all...... stupid sexy Flanders!!!! (Robbie will get that one)


Robbie said...

You know when you were watching Heat, all you could think about was that you wanted to be part of a heist.

"Where's the van! The van was supposed to be here!!!"

"Let's kill these bitches."

Cynthia said...

I was really upset too...that Kwan had to Drop out. You could tell she was visably shaken. I've watched her grow up on the ice....back when Harding tried to physically take out Kerrigan.

I was hoping Michelle could earn her Gold this year. But it looks like retirement is the only way out for her.

Of course once she retires...she can now collect on huge endorsements.

God Bless her!