Sunday, February 12, 2006


Inspired by the Sports Guy, i'm doing a running diary of the Bud Shootout.

3:02 - ok here we go. pretty standard intro. nice little interview with Johnson, i liked Tony giving him a wet willie.

3:06 - there's just something wrong with seeing the drivers with huge coats on. bet they can't wait to get in their cars. oh boy, HEAT!!!

3:10 - i still get chills any time i see a clip from the 2001 Pepsi 400.

3:15 - i still can't believe NBC or Fox hasn't thrown a wad of cash at Jerry Seinfeld to have him do a commercial with Newman. every time i see him on screen i can't help but go, "newman!!"

3:23 - great national anthem. about time they got someone who can sing. and was that Danica Patrick over with Ken Schrader?

3:33 - was it me, or did Kyle sound like he almost had to have someone feed him his line? Jr should have just come on and said, "Jr here..... do i even NEED an introduction??? Damn skippy. Let's rock."

3:40 - green flag

3:47 - this just isn't Kenseth's day is it?

3:51 - you gotta wonder if Waltrip is sandbagging. i mean, he knows all he has to do is stay on the same lap. just hang back, avoid any potential wrecks, he knows a pit stop is coming..... i guess we'll see.

3:56 - looks to me like Vickers got Mayfield loose and started a chain-reaction from there. please please please let there be no significant damage to Jr's car. Looks like Kyle might've helped Vickers into Mayfield.

4:09 - nice to see they got the "instigator cam" going. where they show the driver what happened as quickly as they can so they can piss him off and hopefully get a good soundbite of him saying something about someone else.

4:15 - come on Carl, they got a bleeping device. go nuts. i mean you'd be wrong since you were both clearly over the yellow line AND you advanced your position, but i'm just dying to hear a driver say, "man that was bullshit!!!

4:22 - i will say this for TNT. they know how to do repitition. they know how to keep showing the same damn commercial/promo over and over and over until you just wanna stab your fucking eyes out. i still have yet to see that show Wanted because they showed it SO MUCH that i said "fuck them i don't care how good the show ends up being i'm not going to watch one fucking episode."

4:27 - you can hear the crowd cheer as Gordon pulls into the pits. gotta love it.

4:35 - the NBA is asking a Rap star to do something for the All-Star game? i never would've guessed.

4:43 - i really hope Kyle doesn't win. he's being a little bitch out there.

4:49 - a black flag for Edwards? ok, NOW he needs to go on the air and say "that was a bullshit penalty!!" fuck that little bitch Busch.

4:58 - well if the treatment of Edwards is any indicator, we're in for a LONG season of horseshit penalties and lack of penalties from NASCAR with the usual "we're NASCAR, we don't have to explain ourselves no matter HOW bullshit our calls are" from them afterwards. Good for Carl taking a stand. Fuck you Helton and fuck you France.

5:05 - i was praying for Tony to take out Busch. then jump him and go apeshit on him. IT'S GO TIME!!!!

5:10 - we better get a damn green-white-checker.

5:17 - i can live with that ending. let's hear some interviews.

5:22 - you know who Tony was talking about.

ok, so to wrap things up.

- fuck Kyle Busch. he's on my shit-list this year already.
- Carl Edwards just got some cool points with me. i like it when someone doesn't just bend over and take it.
- this should be a good Daytona 500 race.


Janet said...

I agree Mayor, Kyle Bush is a little bastard, and can't wait till someone shoves it up his ass, and That was sooooo not right with Carl Edwards, I hate Rousch, but I hope he goes nuts on somebody in the trailer.

Sara said...

Man, they had it out for Edwards. Good for him, not taking it, but too bad it's going to add to Roush's persecution complex. The announcers said they were calling Edwards and Roush to the trailer afterward...yeah, I'm afraid this is foreshadowing yet another year of boneheaded "officiating."

Good finish, though I did throw something at the TV when they called that last caution. C'mon, NASCAR. Would it KILL you to just let the boys race?

I like "infraction cam." I think if a driver ever flat out refused to watch the replay, he'd instantly earn my respect.

Shea said...

pretty much what i was thinking!!! Kyle is just a little whinning tit this year!!! Ok, i have always liked Carl and he did mess up once but he also did the exact thing that Jr did a few years ago to avoid a wreck!! Good Job Carl for expressing your opinion in a non verbal way, that would probably get him find and he would be negative a few points gesh!!! At least they are showing favorites right off the bat this year. They are going to suspend Knaus and possibly confiscate JJ's car!! WHOOOOO WHOOOOO! At least they got what was coming to them!!


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Carl Edwards, but I do have to say that black flag was a really shitty call. He didn't deserve that at all.

However, the little evil bitch in me did find it kinda funny... :p

Not as funny as the fact of Knaus being suspended for the 500 though... LMAO

Cynthia said...

well wasn't busch an eager little bastard today?

I hate the whole idea of Bump drafting being put on Juniors shoulders. There are Drivers that can do it right....and those who wish they could.

Those DRIVERS who spoke up ( and Jeff Gordon you know who you are FAWKER!) who said he was hit so hard by Junior at Talladega last spring...while bump drafting...

FUCK you ASSHOLE! Your co partner...CAUSED HOW MANY WRECKS BECAUSE HE WAS BUMP DRAFTING IN A FREAKING CORNER? Lay the blame on those who don't know how to do it. Don't lay Blame on Jr. It's pretty obvious drivers like drafting with him...cause he's safe and the MASTER of it.

You freaking little GAY Rainbow warrior....YOU SUCK and I hate you more than ever now...YOU and your little doggie...Jimmie too!

Christina said...

LMFAO Cynthia!!! You go girl!!! :)