Friday, February 10, 2006


I thought this was a rather interesting story.

to summarize, Newman is saying he stopped sharing his car info with Rusty when they were teammates, because Rusty would turn around and share that with their competitors. See I find this interesting because I'm interested to see where it goes. Newman caught a lot of crap over the apparent lack of teamwork between him and Rusty. Rusty made it thru squeaky clean because, well, he's Rusty Wallace. Now we find out there was "method to the madness" where Newman's actions are concerned. What's even more interesting is Rusty's response:

"There never was a policy in effect on sharing information," Wallace said. "One of the perks of being a car owner is to do business the way you want.

"We had a great team last year, and I am happy with the way I did business."

that just leads me to think a few things.

- he's an arrogant prick. He doesn't even acknowledge that maybe his actions hurt his team. It just smacks of "i'm rusty wallace, I don't have to explain myself to anyone."

- the sheer ignorance of a statement like "there was never a policy in effect". Hey dumbass, common fucking sense tells you not to help your competition not a rulebook.

- the fact that he referred to it twice as "business". using that word can lead someone to think maybe his info "sharing" was a little more than just helping a friend. Maybe Rusty was pulling in some scratch on the side.

anyway, I think that this season and the results of Busch and Newman as teammates will be an indicator on just how justified Newman was and just how much damage Rusty was doing.


Sara said...

NEWSFLASH! Rusty's a prick!

Cynthia said...

Yeah...But Newmans an ass Too!

Let's not forget he's got a high powered perception of himself...

Never have really liked Newman....
Him and his wife seem.....Boring!

Cheyenne said...

And now Newman (whom I never liked) can put up with Kurt (whom I will never ever like)!

Christina said...

I've never really liked Rusty or Ryan. But this article is just plain crap to me - it reminds me of little kids in school telling on each other.

Grow up!!

Kurt Busch will fit in good with that team. LOL