Friday, March 25, 2011

Doing it legal

A new US citizen writes about her experience testing for it.

it's a good story.  what it made me think of and what it reminds me of though isn't really touched in the article. 

See, stuff like this reminds me just why illegal immigration and everyone who supports illegals just waltzing on into our country like it's no big thing are assholes. 

The legals.

Somewhere in all the shuffle of "they took our jobs!!" and "they're just trying to make a better life for themselves!" the people who do it right get lost and forgotten.  People who go blind filling out paperwork.  People who are doing this because being here and being an American MEANS SOMETHING.  People who may or may not still love and cherish the country they are leaving but don't want that anymore, they want to be a part of something different and something better.  People who don't expect America to bend over backwards to make things like they are in the old country.  News flash: if your goddamn country is so fucking awesome why the fuck are you here?  (i've never heard a good answer to that)

Anyways, it's just sad how hard work in this country is no longer rewarded and people support the "right" to shit all over people who obey the law and do it right.

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