Wednesday, February 09, 2011

NFL grand stage

I understand the anger.  I understand the desire to see the increasing trend of rewarding only the well-to-do, done away with.  I understand every single word printed in this opinion piece.

What I don't do, is sympathize. 

We made this monster.  We birthed it, we fed it, we nurtured it as it grew, and now we have to deal with the fact that it's gotten huge and out of control.  The fact is, it isn't going away any time soon.  Why should it?  Sure you can write a nice piece saying "i think it's a travesty that 1200 people spent a ton of money only to be turned away!!!"  But you know what Goddell and Jerry are going to read?  That this Superbowl was the highest rated ever.  Those are the numbers that talk to those guys.  The average joe bag-o-donuts can bitch all he wants about how he and the rest of the common man are being priced out of the game, but as long as those same commoners are paying money for Jerseys, Cable channels, and other products IT'S GOING TO KEEP HAPPENING. 

It's the same reason all you rubes are paying $10 to go sit in a movie theater and watch recycled garbage, because you're wiling to pay $10 to go sit and watch recycled garbage. 

I don't blame any of the parties involved in sucking us all dry.  If we're all stupid enough to pay, then more power to anyone smart enough to take our money.

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