Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dumb and dumberer-er-est

Racist black woman (cuz let's face it, if you read what she says that's all it really is) has issue with a Superbowl commercial. 

what's funny is that what she says isn't the most upsetting thing about all this.  not even the thought that she wastes tax-payer money in a state that does NOT have the cash to burn every time she opens her goddamn mouth.  no, what's the most upsetting thing about this is the thought that SHE WAS ELECTED.  someone actually listened to what she has to say and said "yup, sounds good to me."

i agree with one of the commenters in their assesment of her "if she were any dumber we'd have to water her."  and then remember someone actually put her in a position of power.  i dunno bout all of you but i'm ready to jump off a bridge.

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