Wednesday, February 23, 2011

American women.... STFU

So I was reading an article talking about basically how Tunisia is facing some hard choices now and one of them is what and how big a role religion will/should play in the political landscape of the future.

Worth a read.

Anyways, the reason i'm posting is to point out a part of the article i read that made me say "god damn, the chicks in this country really don't know just how good they got it.  I swear the next girl I hear complain about how OPPRESSED women are here i think i might have to slap her."  Here's the part.....

She shared in the joy of the overthrow of what she described as Mr. Ben Ali’s kleptocratic government. But she also says she believes that the government’s crackdown on any Muslim groups it considered extremist, a draconian police program that included monitoring those who prayed regularly, helped protect the rights of women.

OK, so to summarize.... if she were talking about here she's basically saying that the only way she'd feel safe is if the government were allowed to and frequently did, watch and occasionally kick the shit out of the Westboro Baptist Church and the Mormons.  That's how fucking bad it is.  The chicks in that country WELCOME a government that engages in religious oppression of sorts. 

I also had to stop and wonder "how the fuck is it that they get it over there we still can't get our leaders or the people who elect them to get it over here?"  when i read this.

Protesters held up signs saying, “Politics ruins religion and religion ruins politics.”

I know we like to PRETEND there's a separation of church and state in this country, but until i start seeing some open Atheists elected to high government positions, I call bullshit.

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