Monday, January 31, 2011


Obamacare is awesome.  It's so damn awesome that Obama thinks they're going to run out of it when it launches and being the great unselfish humanitarian that he is, he's going to make sure that you and I get plenty of it.  He's even managed to convinced his good friends and massive campaign donors to be selfless and let us have their Obamacare.

Oh wait.....

No that's not it.  Obamacare is a big piece of shit and he's making sure his buddies are shielded from it.  I mean seriously, do you really need any more proof?  I mean if i walked into a bar and announced that i've come up with a drink that puts every other alcohol to shame.... oh but me and my buddies won't be having any.  Anyone else going to be a little bit "wait if it's so fucking great...."????

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