Thursday, February 12, 2009

weep for the future

I feel really bad for the future of Colorado. You're raising a state full of morons.

Students attempt to get high school name changed to Barrack Obama High School.

this shows 2 glaring facts

1 - these kids are idiots
2 - there is a clear lack of anything resembling a competent history teacher at that school.

it should be pretty fucking obvious why these kids are idiots. we aren't even a month into Obama's presidency. He put a tax cheat in charge of the IRS. wow, we're off to a rolling start aren't we?

the reason they lack a history teacher is that any good history teacher would have immediately gotten them together and said:

"OK so you think your school needs Obama's name. all right well first let me ask you all something. how many of you think George W Bush is a good president? (wait for boos from mindless MTV masses) well guess what, if i had asked you that on 1 October 2001, 90% of the country would have just bitched slapped the lot of you and told you to get the hell out of this country for booing the president. That was barely halfway into his FIRST term. Obama isn't even a MONTH into his. This school name you're about to ditch is over 130 years old. That's well over one century of history you're prepared to toss out the window for a FAD. Now pull your heads out of your asses and get to class."

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