Tuesday, January 20, 2009

more qualifications

i'm adding on to my list of "if i ever lose my damn mind and get married this is the list of things the girl better have"

it was actually only a list of 1.

1 - not American. American women for the most part are just a pain in the ass. There are a shitload of women out there that aren't nearly as selfish and a fuck of a lot hotter. If you're one of those poor bastards who's only known and dated American women you're missing out. There are a lot of Spanish, German, British, Russian, Iraqi, Australian, and Thai girls (plenty more but i'm just naming a few places i've been) out there who aren't fucked up. for some of you American girls reading this who aren't fucked up, i apologize but that's why i said "for the MOST part" and not "all". i know some damn cool ones, but not nearly enough to make me think American chicks aren't a hassle.

anyways, i'm adding number 2.

2 - must be rhythmic gymnast. flexibility and agility are never overrated.


Robbie said...

We need an And1 mix-tape of rhythmic gymnasts. Throw some hip-hop in the background, tell me what heterosexual guy wouldn't watch that?

Jimmy said...

i need to find me a burnout who went from gymnast to pole dancer. there's a girl you wanna bring home to dad.