Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keeping the faith

Ok so i took the dieting/exercise to another level.

Meals are gone for the most part. 6 days a week, i'm drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars. 1 day i can what i want (but i'm not going to go nuts. i still refuse to drink sodas and monster and eat candy. i won't let my old vices come back) and i've kicked up my cardio to 90 minutes a day.

i'm going to be hungry. and tired. and a little miserable. but it's the price i told myself i would have to pay for 6 and a half years of destroying my body.

I'll go back to destroying my body once i get it back to where it was years ago. even then, i might need to have people kick my ass to keep me working out and eating right ONCE in a while.

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josh said...

Just make sure you are staying healthy.