Friday, December 05, 2008


Gulf Oil CEO says gas could hit $1 next year

So now that gas prices are dropping everywhere, where is Bush's thanks? I seem to recall he got all of the BLAME when prices went UP so where's the THANKS for them going DOWN? I mean, it seems pretty logical to me that if you're going to perform one action for one event, the opposite event should produce the opposite action right?

wait a sec.... this whole arrangement sounds vaguely familiar. i know, this is the exact sort of credit/blame deal people have with God. only opposite.

see, when times are good and good things happen like people win championships, have food on the table, are getting well at a hospital, or when a really hot chick takes her clothes off, God's getting thanks and praise left and right. However, when times aren't going to plan like when you lose the Championship, someone dies, you lose your job, or 3 months of trying end in "i just want to be friends", well then nobody really seems to blame God for it. Usually Satan gets that honor.

So when you think about it, maybe Bush really is Satan. George W. Bush, all the blame, none of the thanks. Sounds like a good marketing slogan. Or maybe all these jerkoffs who like to blame him for everything bad that happens are a bunch of morons.

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