Monday, November 17, 2008

Live in Iraq

Ok so i'm finally in Iraq. So far it's about what i expected. Some items of note.

- I spent a week at Fort Benning, Georgia getting processed to come here. It's run by the Army and lemme tell you the place needs to be renamed to "Camp SNAFU" with the motto, "if there's a stupider way to do it, we'll find it". I was ensnared by so much stupid i thought my head would explode. Go right to hell Fort Benning CRC.

- The flight here wasn't much better. Long story short... it was a 40 hour journey that started with my getting up at 5 in the morning to drag 2 huge damn bags around in pouring rain.

- This place is quite interesting. I had breakfast this morning in a palace. literally. the chow hall was an old palace with marble all over and fancy carvings and everything. I think that's pretty damn cool.

- Good ole AFN and the commercials. I couldn't help but notice there's been some changes to the commercials since way back when i watched AFN when my dad was stationed in Turkey and Spain. They still have the ones about Code of Conduct and Military history and such, but i don't remember commercials about suicide prevention, sexual assault, or about not taking advantage of drunk chicks.

- I haven't even been to the "best" ones but the chow halls and different PXs i've been to are ones i'd have killed for in Afghanistan.

- I'm very upbeat about work. I'm going to get to do actual networking work. I got to crimp a CAT-5 cable... something i hadn't done since i was in school at ITT Tech.

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