Monday, November 10, 2008

Camp bored

Apologies to a lack of activity recently. Here's the latest from your mayor.

- i'm at Fort Benning in lovely Georgia (this base is damn big) at CRC which stands for CONUS Replacement Center. I'm doing a bunch of processing so the military will let me go to Iraq and then Friday i leave for Iraq.

- this shit is boring as hell. there's also a ton of BS and most of time it really seems like a gi-normus SNAFU. If they engaged the common-sense engine for just a day this place could be running so much faster. but, it's the military running the show so fat chance of that.

- today i cleared medical which consisted of me getting 5 damn shots. Smallpox, Anthrax, Typhoid, Tetanus, and Flu. I feel like ass.

- Getting some body armor tomorrow. Yay. i do NOT look forward to putting that one. Hopefully i won't have to. Since I'm due to be working in the green zone i should be good from wearing that. Maybe it will play out like the chem-gear i got issued when i went to Afghanistan, it will just sit in a bag under my bed the whole time i'm there.

- I kinda feel like i'm back in tech school. something about this place and the environment. just the "feel" of it i guess. only this time i don't have a car.

- i will try and post more and i'll certainly try and keep up more once i get to Iraq.

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