Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'd like to offer a sincere and humble apology to a man I consider a brother. Chris, this is for you.

A while back he and i were having an argument (speaking of, if you've never seen Chris and i debate and argue it's quite a sight. Roger used to be witness to it all the time when we were all roommates and he said we needed our own radio show) anyways Chris and i were arguing. Basically at the time i got on my high horse and was bashing religion. I'm not reversing myself on that, i still consider religion a brainwashing waste of time. HOWEVER... he said something to me that at the time i kinda blew off. He told me that anything can be worshiped. any set of beliefs. Patriotism is an example. I never really got it until recently. The more i read and see and hear about people worshiping stuff like Environmentalism, Feminism, Obama, Liberalism, MTV, Vegetarianism, Television, Celebrities.... the more i see Chris was right. Enjoyment of something has gone too far in this country.

This Obama fad is a great example. People are worshiping the man like he's actually DONE something. Check out this link and see video of a bunch of sick fucks parading their children around "in support of Obama" as if the kids actually knew what the fuck was going on. It's scary. All you people calling Bush "Hitler" might wanna check the facts. Bush hasn't gave a rousing speech IN BERLIN to 200,000 rabid cheering Germans... and Bush doesn't have indoctrinated youths marching for him. I'm just saying.....

Environmentalism as a religion? Just read Michael Crichton's take on it. He pretty much spells it out for you. Telling you that you are a "global warming denier" is just the 21st century version telling you that you're an idiot if you think the Earth isn't the center of the universe. Cuz a few centuries ago, the church would have your ass on a silver platter if you dared to tell them otherwise. Nowadays Al Gore will have your ass if you dare think otherwise to him telling you global warming is real.

So anyways, i can see now i was wrong. It isn't just worshiping god that creates the opportunity to turn people a tad fanatical. People can turn into mindless zombies over any ideology. I guess insanity is equal opportunity.

- you can smite heathens in the name of god
- you can blow yourself up in the name of allah
- you can torch SUVs to protect mother earth and score with that hot chick you met on the campus quad
- you can bitch and complain and withhold sex for women rights
- you can get naked and throw fake blood on coats to protect animals who don't really give a shit either way
- you can toss on a white hood burn a cross and ruin the reputations of millions of people from the South and West Virginia who don't really enjoy being thought of as a bunch of sister-fucking hillbilly redneck racist assholes but too late guilt by association
- you can do everything in your legal and/or illegal power to elect a man who never really accomplished anything of note in his life to the highest office in the land just so you can feel like you changed the world
- you can go on TV and whore yourself out in front of the whole world for the chance to win some money or find "true love"

it's all good people.

so anyways, I'm sorry Chris. Even though I still think religion is full of it, I can see that even if it weren't around there would still be plenty of other things to fight and be mad about.

and even though i took a long time to make a point and was being a smartass thru most of it, i'm not being a smartass about the apology, i really am sorry i didn't see it back then.

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